Kamiya Jani Caught Up With Shark Vineeta Singh & We Got To Know About Her Awe-Inspiring Journey

by Mallika Khurana

Women have come a long way in their journey of establishing their right values in society. We are not completely there but it has been quite a ride from being undervalued homemakers to now successful entrepreneurs. To celebrate that same spark and courage that brought about this change, this Women’s Day special episode of Stories from Bharat, Sugar Cosmetics CEO Vineeta Singh joined our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani for an eventful day.

With a well-rounded conversation that took us through her impressive journey, it was an impactful episode that you need to go and watch right now!

Vineeta Singh’s Journey From Being An Engineer To Becoming An Entrepreneur

After choosing one of the two options posed before her by her parents, she chose to become an engineer over a doctor. The next step was cracking IIT, of course. With an aim of fulfilling her parents’ dreams and making it big in the world, she kept on working hard. Of course, there were highs and lows throughout but she was resilient and stuck on her path towards excellence.

Cut to today, when she is an influential entrepreneur and a Shark Tank judge, this Delhi girl turned her dreams into a reality. From renting a 1 HK apartment in Mumbai for ₹5000, 15 years ago, to owning a luxury villa today, her journey has been an incredible one. And for whatever she had achieved today, she credits her family, especially her father. He was the man who always made sure she did something extraordinary in her life.

Her father was also very strict about Vineeta not spending any time doing household chores or spending her time in the kitchen. He always pushed her to be extremely ambitious at a time very the term ambitious wasn’t considered a compliment for women. But look how far she has come.

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She Explained The Significance Of Co-Founders

Vineeta Singh Sugar
Photo Credits: Internal

On various occasions, be it on a Shark Tank episode or an interview, Vineeta Singh has talked about the importance of having a co-founder and her experience of working with her husband. So naturally, we had to ask her to elaborate on that. To answer that, she started by mentioning that co-founders are really essential for a business, however, 4 is a crowd. According to her, 2 and 3 are the right number to make swift and efficient decisions. Too many alpha minds will hardly reach the same place at the same time. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

She also elaborated on the importance of leaving the ego at the door. The desire to throw back ‘I told you so’ is something that will never work out. Refraining from saying that isn’t everyone’s natural instinct. However, it is something everyone must work on.

Further in the episode, she talked about the bliss of being a mother and combining it with being a celebrity entrepreneur. Go and watch the episode to know all about it.

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