Mumbaikars, This Weekend Bandstand Will Become An F1 Racetrack

by Mallika Khurana
Mumbaikars, This Weekend Bandstand Will Become An F1 Racetrack

After 14 years, Red Bull Showrun is making a return to Mumbai. Red Bull India and Oracle Racing, along with racing great and 13-time F1 Grand Prix champion David Coulthard, are ready to captivate F1 fans with the Red Bull Showrun in India’s financial capital. On March 12, 2023, the F1 racetrack will be seen on the beautiful Bandra Bandstand roads in Mumbai.

Bandra Bandstand Will Become F1 Racetrack

The Bandra-Worli sea link hosted the inaugural Red Bull Showrun in 2009, and it is now making a 14-year comeback to the largest metropolis in the world that never sleeps. In Mumbai, David Coulthard will pilot the storied RB7 Formula One vehicle for Oracle Red Bull Racing. The Showrun is designed to bring Formula 1 Car enthusiasts closer to the race car. 

In addition to seeing one of Red Bull Racing’s most successful F1 drivers, Mumbai residents will also be enthralled by Aras Gibieza’s daring stunts as a Red Bull Athlete and a freestyle stunt biker, and they will get to see some ferocious vehicles on display thanks to a Super Car showcase put on by no other than the Super Car Club.

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Get Ready for The Thrill This Weekend

David Coulthard has returned to Mumbai for his upcoming F1 race on Indian soil. He has also shared his excitement for his time here with an Instagram post.


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F1 has developed a devoted following in India and this showdown will observe a great turnaround of the crowd as he will drive through those glittering streets at Bandstand. It’s important to note that this Showrun is the ideal opportunity to give the Indian public a taste of the electrifying F1 action given the prominent rise in the success of Red Bull Racing and its popularity globally.

Thus, Mumbai’s F1, thrill-seeking, and adventurous fans get your tickets right away. Make sure to arrive at the F1 racetrack at Bandra Bandstand by 10 AM on Sunday, March 12 to watch what looks to be an electrifying return of the Red Bull Showrun to India.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Redbull Racing