Kamiya Jani Meets The Legend Harbhajan Singh And They Discuss Food, Fitness & Spirituality

by Mallika Khurana

Indian cricket has a rich history. With phenomenal players who gained immense popularity in the world, they also made our country proud by winning many matches. One of the really popular names on that list of players is Harbhajan Singh, fondly known as ‘Bhajji’. Reclaiming the world of cricket with The Legends Cricket League, he has joined other retired cricketers from around the world as a part of the Indian Maharajas. 

Consequently, he joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, on this first-ever episode of The Legends. Giving us a sneak peek into his career as a cricketer and the new beginning with The Legends, it was an exciting episode. Go and watch the full video right away!

Harbhajan Singh Talked About His Love For Cricket

With a passion that turned into a glorious career, his journey has certainly been eventful. Surely, retirement from the sport must not have been as easy. Talking about reentering the arena, Harbhajan Singh shared that it has been an amazing feeling to be back on the field again. Being back in the game with his old pals from all around the globe has been an amazing experience for him.

He also shared that even after all these years, the spirit of competitiveness hasn’t dialled down. Even though their stamina is not the same as before, their minds work in the same way, and everyone strives for their teams to win. Even though he retired from the Indian Cricket Team, being a part of it will always have a spot in his identity. Reminiscing about old days, he shared that it all felt like a dream. Being in the Indian Team jersey was a surreal moment for him.

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He Shares His Take On Spirituality

Harbhajan Singh The Legends
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Growing up in a Sikh household, spirituality was a prominent part of his life. When asked about his tattoo, he shared that he believes that God is one, and that is exactly what his tattoo represents. He also shared that he spent all of his weekends as a kid in a gurudwara, participating in sewa, a significant virtue in Sikhism.

He shared that he also knows the Path by heart, but he believes in implementing those teachings more than simply reciting the words. With sheer humility and talent, he has been winning hearts and continues to do so. He shared a lot more about his beliefs and his life, and you must catch it all on this episode right away!

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