Scoville Scale Who? This Restaurant In US Uses Zero To Indian Very Spicy As A Spice Metric

by Tooba Shaikh
Scoville Scale Who? This Restaurant In US Uses Zero To Indian Very Spicy As A Spice Metric

All around the world, Indian food has a well-founded reputation for being spicy. While we Indians might not deem our food as spicy because we’re used to it, in the West, it certainly can be a challenge. Many restaurants, therefore, offer customers an option to customise the level of spice in their food. One particular restaurant in the United States of America or the US uses a hilarious metric system for such customisation.

Restaurant In US Uses Hilarious Spice Metric

Generally, the well-known Scoville Heat Unit is used as a universal measure of the spice level of a particular food item. However, this Indian restaurant in the United States decided to go a different route. Someone on Twitter shared a screenshot of a restaurant menu in the US which offered hilarious options for the customisation of spice levels in food items.

The options started with Zero spice, which meant that the dish wouldn’t be spicy at all, then it progressed to options like ‘American Mild’, ‘American Medium’, and ‘American Spicy.’ Till here, the options seem normal enough. However, the funny part comes after this.

The restaurant’s spice scale then progresses to ‘Indian Mild’, ‘Indian Medium’, ‘Indian Spicy’, and ‘Indian Very Spicy.’ The option of ‘Indian Very Spicy’ is not visible in the screenshot as it is hidden behind the option to place an order.

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Indian Mild Ranked Above American Spicy

This ranking accurately captures the difference in spice tolerance in the West as opposed to Indians. Probably the funniest part about the ranking is that even the mild version of Indian spice is ranked above the highest spice level for Americans.

The restaurant is called Biryani City and it is located in the region of Maryland in the US. Biryani City is a fairly popular Indian restaurant. The dish for which this hilarious spice metric was being used was Paneer Butter Masala.

Paneer Butter Masala is one of the most popular Indian vegetarian dishes. It is cottage cheese cooked in creamy and spicy aromatic gravy. It is paired with roti, naan, and even rice.

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Cover Image Credits: @aditishekar/Twitter & Canva Images