Kamiya Jani Met The Cricket Legend Brett Lee Who Showed Off His Hindi Skills & Love For India

by Mallika Khurana
Kamiya Jani Met The Cricket Legend Brett Lee Who Showed Off His Hindi Skills & Love For India

Popularly recognised as one of the fastest bowlers in the world, Brett Lee is an icon. He played for the Australian cricket team and made a name for himself by swinging balls at high speeds and leaving all the cricket fanatics mesmerised. To catch up with his life after retirement from cricket and his experience with The Legends Cricket League, Kamiya Jani met him in this latest episode of The Legends. Watch the full episode right away!

Brett Lee Talked About His Love For India 

Brett Lee’s love for India is not news. He has always declared Sachin Tendulkar to be his favourite cricketer in the world. He also revealed that he can converse in Hindi, ‘Thoda Thoda’. Does he love Indian food as well? We simply had to know, and so we asked him. He shared that he loves Butter Chicken and also admitted that the Butter Chicken in India is surely better than what he gets in Australia.

Moving on to The Legends Cricket League, we were eager to know how his experience had been. He shared that it has been exciting to be back in the field again. He also shared that it has been a little more relaxed as compared to playing for his country, of course. Even though there is not as much pressure, the competitive spirit is still active in all the players.

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He Played A Really Fun Game With Us

Bret Lee The Legends
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After discussing his career as a cricketer and playing against India, we got to know a lot about Brett Lee as a person. Next, it was time for some fun, and we decided to play a game with him where he had to repeat some iconic Bollywood dialogues. You can surely guess how fun it was! 

First, he had to repeat, ‘Yeh Babu Rao Ka Style Hai’, and he did it perfectly. Although he didn’t understand what it meant, he noticed everyone laughing. The next one was ‘Kutte Kamine, Main Tera Khoon Pee Jaunga’. He didn’t really get it at first and asked us to go ‘Araam Se’. He went on to repeat a few more dialogues, and we were impressed.

We finished the episode discussing his love for Bollywood and all things Indian, and it was really exciting. Wait no more, and check the full video right away!

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