Kapil Sharma Shares His Love Story And How He Met His Wife Ginny| Curly Tales

by Mallika Khurana
Kapil Sharma Shares His Love Story And How He Met His Wife Ginny| Curly Tales

Kapil Sharma is not just a comedian who fills our lives with laughter; he is also an icon that many people look up to. From working at a PCO as a child to performing internationally, his journey to success is like no other. However, he is still rooted in his hometown, Amritsar. To know more about his life there and the beginning of his journey, our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, joined him in Amritsar for this episode of Tere Gully Mein.

Kapil Sharma Revealed All About His Love Story

Aren’t we all curious to dig more into his love story? Kapil Sharma’s wedding to Ginni Charath was a private affair, but it is high time to get some details about how they met and how things went from there on. When we asked him, Kapil Sharma revealed that he had known his wife Ginni since 2005, when he was in college. Around 20 years ago, he coached her for a zonal theatre tournament, and that is how they first connected. 

Elaborating on their journey to marriage, he shared that they never thought they could get married. His wife was from a really well-off family but his life wasn’t as stable back then. However, when his show kicked off in 2013, Ginni’s father supported their relationship. It led to marriage years later, after Kapil Sharma faced some struggles in his life. He decided to restart his show after getting married, and once that happened, there was no looking back.

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He Talked About His Interests

Kapil Sharma
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Next, it was time to know what Kapil Sharma loves to do, except for filling every room with laughter. He shared that he loves to travel, read, and listen to music. He always gets a book for himself every time he is at an airport, even if he doesn’t get the time to read it. Kapil Sharma believes that books teach a lot, and he is always eager to learn.

Further in the episode, he shared more about his travels, his first international trip, and the food he ate there. Want to know all about it? Catch the full video right now!

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