Kapil Sharma Talks About Negative Comments On Social Media

by Mallika Khurana
Kapil Sharma Talks About Negative Comments On Social Media

Not only is Kapil Sharma a fantastic comedian, but he is also a prominent part of weekends in every Indian home. The only programme we always look forward to watching with our entire family is ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Even the reruns of the show never get old and are a strong family-building factor. What else could display the power of talent, if not that? He was raised in Amritsar’s humble lanes before achieving such great success. He joined Kamiya Jani, our Editor in Chief, in Amritsar for this episode of Tere Gully Mein, and walked her through each stage of his journey.

Kapil Sharma Talked About Social Media

After disclosing the lessons he learned from life while he was in a not-so-well condition, he shared the impact of social media on his life. We wanted to know if he was affected by negative comments. In the beginning, he used to get infuriated every time someone said anything negative about him on social media and used to give it back to people.

Now that he has learned so much and come so far in life, he has the wisdom to let these unimportant things go. Now, he doesn’t let these things distract him. Rather, he tries to focus on the love and appreciation he receives from the fans.

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He Shared All About His Love Story

Kapil Sharma Tere Gully Mein
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Aren’t we all interested in learning more about his love life? Although Kapil and Ginni Charath’s wedding was a private event, it is high time to learn more about how they met. When we questioned Kapil Sharma, he said that he had known his wife Ginni since 2005, when he was a college student. 

He went on to explain their path to marriage, saying they never imagined they could wed. Although his wife came from a very wealthy family, his life at the time was not as secure. However, Ginni’s father encouraged their relationship when his show debuted in 2013. Years later, Kapil Sharma got married after experiencing some difficulties in his life. 

Catch the full video to learn more about his travels, his first international trip, and the food he had there!

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