Karama: Convenience stores, Restaurants, Here’s What Makes It Special

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Karama: Convenience stores, Restaurants, Here’s What Makes It Special

Karama – undoubtedly the gem of Old Dubai is expat heaven since years. Ask anyone from the 90s and they’ll have a book of tales to narrate about this area in Dubai. Also called old Dubai, Karama has been a hub for a lot things, be it convenient stores that sell ‘Indian’ goods, supermarkets where you can spot literally anything under the sun, and an impressive line up of restaurants that satiate every foodie.

Dubai might have grown leaps and bounds, but we must agree, there is a certain soft corner this area holds, even today. Here are some of the reasons why we think Karama is the truest heart of Dubai.

1. Foodies Paradise 

Karama is the ultimate stop for all your cravings. Be it a desi breakfast spread, or some yummilicious kulfi – there are endless outlets here that come to your rescue. And the silver lining, almost all of these are super affordable too.

2. Easy Commute And Connectivity 

It’s almost too easy to get to and around Karama. The metro, point-to-point bus services or even a walk around the street can get you to most places. The landmarks are historic and easy to spot.

Credits: Dubai rta facebook

3. Shoppers Haven

If you have a shopaholic soul, Karama can give you the ultimate happiness. From dollar stores like Day to Day to the famous furniture street where you can get your hands on vintage pieces – Karama has it all.

Credits: I grew up in dubai / facebook

4. Speciality Stores

Be it a plant store, or a lending library, Karama is renowned for its speciality stores. You can also find Patanjali stores and Al Adil outlets if you would want to get some products straight from India.

Credits: I grew up in Dubai / facebook

5. Best Of Old, All Of New

Karama remains a nostalgic part of the Old Dubai, but even with a multitude of elements of the new and upcoming part of the city – the soul remains unchanged. The bustle of this area still brings back the essence of true blue expat life.

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