Kashmir Gears Up For The Coldest Time Of The Year, Chilla-i-Kalan & It’s -6.2 Degree Celcius. Brrrrr!

by Shreya Ghosh
Kashmir Gears Up For The Coldest Time Of The Year, Chilla-i-Kalan & It’s -6.2 Degree Celcius. Brrrrr!

Winter season is sending cold chills in different corners of India, and like always Kashmir is getting covered with a blanket of white snow with the temperature dropping every day. But this time, the harshest cold entered the region earlier than expected. The hilly destination witnessed the temperature going beyond 0°C before Chilla-i-Kalan. These nights are actually the coldest this year and the cold is simply unimaginable.

Kashmir Is Witnessing The Coldest Time Of The Year

The temperature took a huge dip on Wednesday in various places in Kashmir such as Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Srinagar. According to a report by the Times of India, the temperature was -6.2°C and it was the coldest temperature at night so far. The winter season and its chilly breezes and winds are quite harsh on humans and living animals, even the water froze everywhere, be it the running taps or the Dal lake.

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The temperature went down as low as -4.2°C in Srinagar and -4.6°C in Gulmarg. Qazigund recorded the lowest temperature of -4.2°C and it was -4.4°C in Kupwara in North Kashmir. Kokernag experienced a freezing temperature of -2.4°C.

It Is Getting Colder & Colder!

According to the meteorological department, Kashmir will have to deal with this dry weather till 24 December this year. In fact, there are also chances of rain or snowfall in a few days around Christmas. It is expected to drizzle in a few places in Jammu and Kashmir. Places in higher altitudes are probable to experience some harsh snowfall around this time. The cold in Kashmir is getting colder!

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Chilla-i-Kalan is a 40-day period of unbearable cold in Kashmir and it is said that this region experiences the harshest cold during this time. It starts at the end of December and continues till the end of January and this is when the water gets frozen everywhere.

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