Kathmandu Crowned The Best Nature Destination; Halong Bay, Hurghada & More On The List

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by Mallika Khurana
Kathmandu Crowned The Best Nature Destination; Halong Bay, Hurghada & More On The List

In a world where escapism meets adventure, the allure of nature destinations has risen to unprecedented heights. The 21st century has seen an extraordinary surge in the appreciation of pristine landscapes, untouched wilderness, and breathtaking natural wonders. Recently, the renowned travel oracle, TripAdvisor, has crowned Kathmandu, the vibrant federal capital of Nepal, as the supreme natural destination of the world in the year 2024. The grand revelation unfolded in the dazzling ceremony of ‘Tripadvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Awards-2024.

Kathmandu Steals The Spotlight In 2024 Travel Rankings

Best Nature Destination
Photo Credits: Canva

This virtual accolade ceremony showcased Tripadvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Awards in seven illustrious categories, featuring natural destinations, trending hotspots, cultural gems, culinary delights, honeymoon heavens, and sustainable sanctuaries. Kathmandu, with its mystical allure and natural wonders, emerged victoriously, leaving a mark on the global travel stage.

As per My Republica reports, Mani Raj Lamichhane, director of the Nepal Tourism Board, expressed his elation at this prestigious recognition. Lamichhane shared that this accolade will undoubtedly propel Nepal into the spotlight. He pointed out that it will also prove to be beneficial as they recover after the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The Best Nature Destinations Of 2024

Nature Destinations
Photo Credits: Canva

As the world eagerly awaits its next adventure, the coveted list of Tripadvisor’s top natural destinations for 2024 unveils a tantalising array of paradises. Following in the footsteps of Kathmandu, Halong Bay emerges as a majestic spectacle with its limestone islands and captivating rock formations. Meanwhile, Hurghada on Egypt’s Red Sea Coast was ranked 3rd with stunning coral reefs, offering a blissful escape for water enthusiasts.

Mauritius, the opulent jewel of Africa, stands proud in 4th position. Next in 5th position comes Lombok. Kauai, the pristine Garden Island of Hawaii, unveils a haven of waterfalls, scenic drives, and unspoiled beaches in 6th position. Lastly, Zanzibar Island, nestled in the Indian Ocean, was crowned with 7th position on this list.

The world celebrates these remarkable nature destinations, each with its unique charm. The Traveler’s Choice Awards also cast a spotlight on the wanderlust-fueled dreams of millions. These places invite you to embark on a journey of discovery and unbridled adventure in the year 2024 and beyond.

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