Katrina Kaif Pampers Herself With Chocolatey Vegan Dessert

by Sanmita A
Katrina Kaif Pampers Herself With Chocolatey Vegan Dessert

Actor Katrina Kaif is just the B-town celebrity whom we adore. Once in a while, she takes to Instagram to share what she eats apart from her regular work updates. On Thursday, she took to the story section on Instagram to give a glimpse of this delicious and pretty little cupcake. The cupcake looked super artsy, with a chocolatey floral design and a caramel topping on one side. Katrina added to the cuteness by adding a shimmery filter to the photograph.

Katrina Kaif & Her Sweet Indulgences

Think Katrina Kaif, and you will get all healthy food and discipline vibes. Although, from time to time, she shares the cheat meals she digs into. And, eating this dessert seems to be like one of those days. We are sure you will also want to enjoy this pretty cupcake this weekend. Take a look:

Katrina Kaif
Image Courtesy: Katrina Kaif/Instagram

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The Magician Behind This Artsy Cupcake

We were so stoked to see Katrina Kaif tag this celebrity baker on her recent cupcake story. And that, made us a little curious and we decided to dig a little deeper. TheBetterBinge® by JuhiPahwa does all kinds of healthy and artistic cakes. Well, can healthy and Katrina not be related?! The Better Binge offers a great range of desserts which are not only delicious but equally pleasing to the eye, aka aesthetic. Starting from modaks for the much loved festival of Mumbaikars, Ganesh Chaturthi, to the vegan cakes, brownies and more. They do it all. Take a look at their heady mix of sweet treats:

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Cover Image Courtesy: Katrina Kaif/Instagram