Grandmama Showers Her Love on Kemps Corner

by Akriti Seth
Grandmama Showers Her Love on Kemps Corner

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SoBo-ites, You don’t have to go to Grandmama’s anymore because Grandmama’s has come to you. Isn’t it a delight?

What Is It?

Well, something exciting happened! Curly Tales was invited to the launch of the new outlet of Grandmama’s Cafe in Kemps Corner and we could not wait to try it.

Grandmama’s cafe is an all day cafe with its branches at Juhu, Kamala Mills and Dadar. It’s their first restaurant in SoBo and trust me, it’s just as pretty as it has always been.

Finally In Town

What’s In It?

If there’s one thing that stands out about Grandmama’s, it’s the decor. It feels like you’ve entered old Mrs Robert’s cottage by the countryside. The moment you enter Grandmama’s, you get transported to a warm spot with happy vibes, even if you’re right in the middle of the city. I think its these tiny design elements that they’ve put up together that take my heart away each time: unplastered walls adorned with framed artwork, plants, cutlery with lovely prints and textiles,  patterns on the tables and chintz upholstered chairs and the ambient light.

Finally Grandmama's Cafe Is In Town

In short the decor is quite quirky and pretty. The menu is very cafe-esque.

My favourite bit about the interiors is that even the cutlery is given to you in tiny colourful tin buckets which were cute, I could take one home. The music is mellow and something you can sway to.

What To Eat?

The menu and presentation is quite similar to all the other outlets and if you’ve been to any of the other Grandmamas before you’d know that you’re missing out on a lot in life if you haven’t had their Mac’n’Cheese. One bite of it and you are teleported to heaven instantly.

Finally In Grandmam's Cafe Is In Town

You might also want to try their Sun Dried Tomato Hummus with Pita bread. If I say it was a total delight, you have to believe me. (Personally, I am a hummus fan and this one place did satiate my taste buds perfectly.)

Finally In Grandmama's Cafe Is In Town
Sun Dried Tomato Hummus With Pita Bread

If you love cheese and are not monitoring your diet, you could try their cheese fondue which is no less than elixir in a flower pot.

Finally In Grandmama's Cafe Is In Town
Cheese Fondue

What To Drink?

I just love the shakes here and I usually run out of words while talking about it. But my thirst for them is never quite quenched.

Beating the summer heat, they have a Watermelon and Basil cooler which is certainly a winner.

Finally In Grandmama's Cafe Is In Town
Watermelon And Basil Cooler

Why Is It Unique?

We all know that the shakes at Grandmamas Cafe are certainly to die for and guys and it’s summers. SoBo-ites, you’ve got a new spot to chill and let the summer pass.

I also ended up having a favourite corner there.

Finally Grandmam's Cafe Is In Town
Favourite Corner

More Deets

Where: Ground Floor, Habib Mansion, August Kranti Maidan, Kemps Corner, Mumbai

When: 9:00 AM to 11:45 PM

How Much: INR 1100 for 2; INR 120 for a pint of Beer

People of SoBo, head out for a peaceful dinner or lunch at Grandmama’s Cafe and let us know in the comments what were your favourites.

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