Kerala Couple Robbed In Milan Left With No Passports, Cards, Cash; Man Calls It, “Scary & Fearful”

Pickpockets stole passports, money, and credit and debit cards from a Kerala couple in Milan.

by Shreya Ghosh
Kerala Couple Robbed In Milan Left With No Passports, Cards, Cash; Man Calls It, “Scary & Fearful”

Travelling to a new destination in a foreign country has always been a memorable experience for everyone. There is no doubt about the stressful thoughts before such overseas journeys, but there is always a thrill and excitement for these experiences. The travel diaries can be the smoothest and fuss-free only when we do not come across unfortunate incidents. Sadly, a couple from Kerala lost their credit cards, passports, and money on their way to travel to Florence from Milan. Here’s what happened next.

Kerala Couple’s Belongings Were Stolen In Milan!

Taking to the X platform, Jothydev Kesavadev (@jothydev) shared the fearful incident that they faced in Italy.

The worst possible thing that can happen to a person in a foreign land is losing a passport. Even the thought of losing important belongings scared me to the core but unfortunately, the exact thing happened with a couple from India who were about to board a train to Florence from the Milan Central railway station. Jothydev Kesavadev and Sunitha, his wife were visiting ATTD in Florence to attend and present their research papers and to lecture as well.

In the long X post, Mr. Kesavadev shared how a “tall, lean African American man” bumped into him while he and his wife were entering Milan Central railway station. The African American man hit Jothydev’s right knee with his trolley bag. With the sudden knock on his leg, the Kerala doctor fell to the ground. His wife quickly left everything and bent down to help and pull him up.

About 10 minutes later, his wife opened her handbag and was in shock to see that her wallet packed with passports, cash, and credit and debit cards was missing. Soon, they contacted the concerned departments for some solutions to this terrifying incident in Milan.

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They Received Emergency Passports Soon

Kerala Couple In Milan
Picture credit- Canva

The Kerala couple was directed to visit the Italian police department. A FIR was prepared and then they contacted the Indian Consulate in Milan. After spending a night in Milan, he messaged Shashi Tharoor who “informed the Indian consulate in Italy”. It was around 9 AM when he received a call from the Indian consulate in Italy.

With the help of very courteous officers at the Consul, the couple received two emergency passports within just an hour. Not only with necessary documents, people were kind to them providing support in stressful situations and also giving them confidence at such moments.

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We can only imagine what a traumatising time they went through after losing their passports. Gladly, the issue has been solved.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Jothydev Kesavadev (@jothydev) 

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