Kerala Government Makes Masks Compulsory In All Public Places, Even Vehicles, To Curb COVID Rise

by Mallika Khurana
Kerala Government Makes Masks Compulsory In All Public Places, Even Vehicles, To Curb COVID Rise

With the COVID-19 scare on the rise, the government mandated that establishments like stores, theatres, cinema halls, and those hosting events set up soap, water, and hand sanitiser so that visitors’ hands could be washed before entering. It stated that beginning from January 12, 2023, the order would be in effect for 30 days.  

The Kerala government has decreed that wearing a mask is required in all public areas, vehicles, and while moving about the state. The government mandated the masks’ use in vehicles and while riding public transportation in an order dated January 12 as well.

The Government Guidelines For COVID In Kerela

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In order to stop COVID-19 from spreading, it was instructed that social distancing be maintained everywhere.

According to the government, the order was issued because COVID-19 remains a threat and there have been worries about a potential increase in cases across the nation.

In October of last year, the government announced extensive preventive measures in response to new genetic variants of the virus being reported from various parts of the world.

The XBB and XBB1 Covid-19 variants were reportedly more contagious than the older varieties, according to the government. Therefore, everyone should exercise extreme caution and wear masks correctly, especially the elderly and those who have co-morbidities.

It had stated that healthcare workers and the elderly must both receive the booster/preventive dose of the vaccine because these groups are more likely to suffer severe consequences from the new variants.

The Latest Numbers For Cases

Pinarayi Vijayan, the Chief Minister of Kerala, met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in December 2022 to talk about the state’s preparedness for another COVID wave. 

India recorded 114 new coronavirus infections while there were 2,119 active cases, according to information updated on Monday by the Union Health Ministry. The total for the COVID case was 4.46 crore (4.46,81,154). As per the updated data, in the last 24 hours, there have been 5,30,726 fatalities.

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