KFC Outlet In Karnataka Refuses To Play Kannada Songs; Boycott KFC Trends On Social Media

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by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 746

The American fast-food giant, KFC has recently been entangled in controversy. A viral video on Twitter shows a KFC staff from a Karnataka outlet, refusing to play Kannada songs, arguing that Hindi is India’s national language. The Twitter video garnered a lot of attention from several Karnataka residents who criticized the KFC employee for imposing Hindi and not respecting the local culture. Read on to know more.

Viral Video Shows KFC Employees Refusing To Play Kannada Song In Karnataka

A woman from Karnataka went to a KFC outlet in the state for a meal. She requested the employees to play Kannada songs instead of Hindi ones in the restaurant. But the KFC employee refused to play Kannada songs claiming Hindi is the national language of India. A 2-minute 20-second video was shit by the woman which showed her arguing with the employees on the manner. Initially, a male employee is seen talking to her where he reveals that the Hindi songs were played to cater to other customers. The woman replies that she doesn’t know about other customers, but an outlet based in Karnataka must play Kannada songs.

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A female employee jumps into the argument and enquires if the customer has visited the outlet for the first time. The customer replies that it’s her first visit to this particular outlet in Karnataka. The employee reveals that it’s company rules. Later, the KFC outlet stops playing the songs. The woman criticized KFC’s management in the video. She posted the viral video on Twitter and captioned it “Kannada songs in KFCs in Karnataka are not @KFC_India  As a rule!”

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Netizens Outrage & #BoycotKFC Trends On Social Media

The video posted on October 23, went viral, garnering thousands of views and over a hundred retweets. A huge number of netizens took to social media to remonstrate against KFC. Soon, #BoycotKFC & #RejectKFC started trending on social media. One netizen commented “KFC India. This is ridiculous. When you want to do business in India then follow the local rules.” Another one chipped in “KFC. You put up the shop to sell …that’s your business. you are not here to promote the language..culture. Do your business…or else wind up. Period.”

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KFC’s Statement On The Controversy

As the video began trending on social media KFC put up a statement. The fast-food giant stated that it’s a dated video being re-circulated. KFC revealed that it’s their endeavour to ensure all customers have the same KFC experience no matter where and when they visit them. And at present KFC claims to have a common playlist that’s licensed and purchased centrally in all outlets across the world.

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