Khalid Al Ameri Shared How His Journey As A Content Creator Begins

by Mallika Khurana
Khalid Al Ameri Shared How His Journey As A Content Creator Begins

Dubai is a city that frequently leaves visitors in awe, even though Dubai Bling is just one glimpse into its glitz. YouTuber Khalid Al Ameri, known for his sharp humour, gives us a glimpse of what Dubai has in store for us. This brings us to the most recent Sunday Brunch episode, in which Khalid Al Ameri and our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani explored the magnificent city. Their conversation had a spark from the get-go that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Khalid Al Ameri Shared His Journey On Youtube

While talking about the switch in his career, Khalid Al Ameri shared that before making it as a YouTuber, he used to work in finance. However, he always felt that he wanted to do something in the entertainment industry. Even his mother always felt that he was an entertainer ever since he was a child. So when he got the opportunity to do a show with CNN, he had to do it. Of course, he consulted his wife before making the decision, but she was immensely supportive towards him and his dreams. Even with his family and kids to support him, he took a calculated risk to make a living out of his dream job.

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He Believed In Creating His Dream Job

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Khalid Al Ameri believes that nobody serves us our dream jobs on a silver platter unless we’re really lucky. We have to create our dream jobs. After the one-month show with CNN ended, he took it upon himself to start a career as a content creator on YouTube. With some push from his wife, he started making videos with the target of making one video every day without fail. He continued down this path for 500 days straight. He was the one who shot the video, created the concept, and edited them. He also interacted with the audience himself. We can all see the hard work’s result, can we?

To know how his parents reacted to this career switch, watch the complete video!

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