Kinder Brand Chocolates Cause Salmonella Poisoning In 11 Countries

by Sanjana Shenoy
Kinder Brand Chocolates Cause Salmonella Poisoning In 11 Countries

Kinder chocolates have been a favourite amongst kids for years. The signature Kinder chocolate eggs with a special gift encased in them, brings wide smiles to the faces of kids. However, in a shocking turn of events, World Health Organisation issued an official statement linking Kinder chocolates to salmonella poisoning. This is a common food-borne disease that causes fever, stomach pain and diarrhoea. Read on to know more.

Kinder Chocolates Cause 151 Cases Of Salmonella Poisoning Across 11 Countries

Manufactured by Italy based chocolate confectionery company, Ferrero, Kinder chocolates have been withdrawn from markets in the USA and several Asian and European nations. This is due to the Kinder chocolates having possible salmonella contamination. This may come as a shock to parents who are concerned about the well being of their kids, especially after consuming Kinder chocolates. WHO stated that to date, a total of 151 cases across 11 nations have been linked to Kinder chocolates, where children under the age of 10 were most affected.

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Picture Credits: Khaleej Times

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Is It Safe To Eat Kinder Joy In India?

Fortunately, there were no fatalities, but nine patients were hospitalized. Investigations linked the salmonella outbreak to the chocolates produced in Belgium. These were distributed to at least 113 nations. Salmonella bacteria were found in buttermilk tanks in Belgium factories producing Kinder chocolates. However, this India is excluded from the product recall. As Kinder Joy chocolates were produced at its plant in Pune in India. So, it is safe to eat Kinder Joy chocolates in India as it was manufactured in a plant in Pune. If you’re a chocolate lover, do try out Mumbai’s ultimate dessert- Subhash Chocolate Sandwich.