King Charles Slated To Visit France From Sept 20-22; His First Trip To France Since Coronation

King Charles France
by Tooba Shaikh

The present British King Charles III will soon be heading to France. This will be his first official trip to France since he was first coronated. His visit will also coincide with the Rugby World Cup which will also be held in this country. He initially planned on visiting the country much earlier. However, due to political unrest, it was cancelled. Here are the details that are known so far about his upcoming trip to France.

King Charles III Slated To Visit France Next Month

King Charles France

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The present British King Charles III is slated to visit the country of France from the 20th of September to the 22nd of September. According to an article recently published in Hindustan Times, the Elysee released a statement saying that the country would be honoured to host King Charles.

The statement also mentioned that the King’s visit happened at an opportune time given that the Rugby World Cup will also be held in the country around the time that King Charles’s visit is scheduled. The Rugby World Cup will begin on the 8th of September and will end on the 28th of October.

This means that the tournament will last more than a month and will also be ongoing when King Charles is in the country. This will be his first official visit to France as a King.

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Earlier Trip Rescheduled Due To Political Unrest

King Charles France

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According to multiple reports, King Charles’s trip to France was supposed to happen sometime in March. However, at the time, the country was experiencing political turmoil. Massive protests erupted across the nation owing to President Emmanuel Macron’s new pension laws.

In the protest, France saw some of the most violent protests that it has ever seen. Owing to these dire circumstances, King Charles’s trip was delayed. Had it not been so, his first overseas trip as King would have been to France.

After this delay was announced, he instead took a trip to Germany. Hence, his first overseas trip as king was to Germany.

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