Knock Knock! What’s Behind That Door?

by Sneha Pai
Knock Knock! What’s Behind That Door?

Door No.1 Under 140 Characters:

From ambience to food to music to TV series to childhood video games, Door No.1 will make you time-travel and feel nostalgic about your younger days.

What Is It?

Door No.1, a classy new bar dedicated to retro music lovers of Mumbai is going to be playing evocative music on all 7 days of the week.

Door No.1
Time to go back in time!

Co- Founders Mihir Bijur Vishesh Khanna bring in nostalgia to one of the poshest neighbourhoods in Bandra. Entering Door No.1 will not just take you back to those good ol’ days but will also make you re-live it with their coat & hat stand, fully functional vinyl players, TV series (watch your childhood favourites), functional vinyl CD Coasters (they play Bollywood dialogues), board games, DVD cassettes (you’ll see what we mean when you ask for your bill) and more.

What’s Special?

The whole retro theme might mean mundane to some until you experience Mihir & Vishesh’s take on it. Feel at home as you slip into their retro theme! A bar cum co-working space cum video game parlour will keep you entertained all day and night. There are accessible plug points to ensure your selfie game is on, purse hooks under tables, powder rooms equipped with sanitary pads for those emergency moments… ladies nothing can stop you here!

Door No.1
You can also quench your thirst for reading while you are here!


Apart from grooving to the tunes of India’s No.1 DJ, theme nights based on Karaoke, Bollywood, Classic Rock, Pop, Jazz, and more, will have you walk down this memory lane every night. A special word of advice would be to call for a quick reservation if you are planning to drop by on weekends as it gets houseful pretty easy.

Door No.1
Check out the classy piano for a DJ console… how cool is that?!

What to Eat?

Maggi pav bhaji, chilli chicken, butter chakli & sambhar… their Faux Paus menu, as they call it, is a total drool! Indulge your midnight cravings as you continue to groove post mid-night. Their ‘jugaadu’ spread will instantly take you back to your good ol’ college days. Wondering what to try? Maggi fans can call for the Maggie et al. The hardcore non-vegetarians NEED to try Vishesh’s Faux Paus while people who love South Indian food shouldn’t miss Mihir’s Faux Paus for anything in the world!

Door No.1
Drink to your past at Door No.1

What to Drink? 

Sip on to their delicious range of signature cocktails if you don’t like the taste of alcohol. Chocolate & coffee lovers can try their Spiked Chocolate Milkshake. If you’re heading over after a long day at work, find your Inner Peace here. While the adventurous ones like me can try the Lemon Grass Ginger Martini! The others can feel free to simply pick their poison from the snapshot above!


Looking for a new place to reminiscence those days when you played video games with your friends, this one is for you. You will find those memorabilia that are now vintage. As a co-working place, the retro music and the coffee will help you get your work done faster. Be here for all things old.


Where: Shop Number 1&2, Ankleshwar, ONGC Colony, Reclamation, Bandra West

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Who would you like to time-travel to this place with?