Kolkata Houses A 90-YO Pen Hospital Where Antique Pens Are Treated Back To Life!

Step into this surprising haven of craftsmanship and nostalgia.

by Mallika Khurana
Kolkata Houses A 90-YO Pen Hospital Where Antique Pens Are Treated Back To Life!

In a world where technology reigns supreme and disposable items dominate the market, imagine stumbling upon a haven dedicated solely to preserving and reviving the elegance of vintage fountain pens. Welcome to the surprising realm of the Pen Hospital in Kolkata, where each stroke of ink tells a story that spans generations.

Discover Kolkata’s 90-Year-Old Pen Hospital

Nestled discreetly in the historic Esplanade area, this quaint establishment defies modernity with its time-honoured charm. The proprietor, Mohammed Reyaz, proudly carries the torch of a business that has stood for nine decades. It is certainly a testament to the enduring allure of the written word.

Picture a modest kiosk, barely noticeable amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Still, it’s revered by loyal patrons who traverse the country to seek its services. Despite its humble exterior, the Pen Hospital exudes an irresistible magnetism, drawing in enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Step inside, and you’ll be transported to a bygone era. According to Arab News, thousands of vintage and high-end fountain pens await your exploration, bearing the prestigious symbols of Montblanc, Parker, Pilot, and more. Here, the meticulous hands of Mohmmad Imtiaz work miracles, breathing new life into pens once thought lost to time.

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A Haven For Fountain Pen Enthusiasts

Photo Credits: Pen Hospital/Website

But the Pen Hospital is not merely a place of restoration; it is a beacon of tradition in a rapidly evolving world. Established in the 1940s by Imtiaz’s great-grandfather, Mohammed Shamsuddin, the legacy has been lovingly preserved through generations. Alongside Imtiaz stands his partner behind the counter, Mohammed Shahbaz Reyaz.

In an age where convenience often trumps sentimentality, the Pen Hospital stands as a bastion of authenticity. While disposable ballpoint pens flooded the market in the 1990s, threatening the existence of establishments like this, Imtiaz’s unwavering dedication ensured its survival. Today, amidst the cultural tapestry of Kolkata, the Pen Hospital certainly remains a cherished oasis for those who seek more than mere utility in their writing instruments. 

So, the next time you find yourself in Kolkata, take a detour from the beaten path. Who knows? You might just rediscover the magic hidden within the stroke of a pen.

Cover Image Courtesy: Dwip Raj/Facebook

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