Kolkata’s Hasta Shilpa Mela Is Back! Here’s Why You Need To Head To Eco Park & Enjoy The Fair

Kolkata's New Town is hosting Hasta Shilpa Mela till December 17 and it is surely a must-visit.

by Shreya Ghosh
Kolkata’s Hasta Shilpa Mela Is Back! Here’s Why You Need To Head To Eco Park & Enjoy The Fair

Raise your hands if you are a winter person! Well, why won’t we love the winter season? The weather is indeed chilling and it’s hard to touch water but have you thought about all the other beautiful experiences? From fun events to travelling, enjoying fairs, and culinary delights, this season always comes back with opportunities to explore and create memories. When in Kolkata, you need to head to Hasta Shilpa Mela to enjoy one of the most beautiful experiences.

Visit Hasta Shilpa Mela At Eco Park Soon & Have A Lovely Time

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Dr Aratrika Ganguly (@aratrika_g08) shared a video of the Jungle Mahal kiosk at the mela.

West Bengal is known all around India for its rich culture and heritage and one of the different aspects behind preserving the decades and century-long traditions and representations is authentic craftsmanship. If you love handicrafts and are an enthusiast about all these, you need to head to the ongoing 2023 Hasta Shilpa Mela in Kolkata soon. It is a one-stop destination for fascinating crafts, be it home decor, sarees, clay models, terracotta crafts, and a lot more.

Kolkata New Town’s popular Eco Park is the venue of the annual mela and the celebrations are ongoing with grand stalls, huge crowds, and too much to explore. Also famously known as Kolkata’s handicrafts fair, you will find a huge variety of crafts and creations here. From purchasing some pieces for yourself to buying gifts for your loved ones, Hasta Shilpa Mela is the answer to all kinds of handicrafts shopping in one place.

To directly go inside the premises of the mela, enter from the Gate No. 1 of the Eco Park. It is still not that shivering cold in Kolkata yet and these days look like the perfect time to simply spend a gala time exploring the handicrafts mela. Plan a day with your family and friends or you can simply enjoy a solo date exploring all around the fair, checking out the variety of huge collections, and shopping your hearts out.

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What All To Explore & Witness Here?

Dr Aratrika Ganguly (@aratrika_g08) shared a beautiful picture of Chau mask.

Artisans, both new and established, from all around West Bengal come to Eco Park to organise stalls and present their hard work and craftsmanship to the visitors. This is a spectacular platform for one and all to showcase their excellent skills to lakhs of people at once. If you are in the mood for some shopping, make sure to check out these handicrafts and figurines at the Hasta Shilpa Mela:

  • Sarees famous in different parts of West Bengal
  • Different kinds of dolls
  • Portraits
  • Terracotta craft
  • Stone art
  • Scroll paintings

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You are surely going to spend hours at the mela and there is a food court to take care of your hunger and cravings. From biryani to kulfi, there are lots of options for food.

Kolkatans, have you visited the famous Hasta Shilpa Mela at Eco Park? If not, plan a day soon, enjoy the mela, and enjoy a great time.

Date: Till December 17, 2023

When: 1 PM – 8.30 PM

Ticket Cost: Entry to Hasta Shilpa Mela is free

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ Sourav Mukherjee (@TweetedBySourav)

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