Kozhikode Flight Gets Hit By A Bird, Makes Emergency Landing In Kannur

by Shreya Ghosh
Kozhikode Flight Gets Hit By A Bird, Makes Emergency Landing In Kannur

A Delhi-bound Air India flight had to make an emergency landing very recently. This is an incident of a plane flying from Kozhikode on 26 September. According to the schedule, it was supposed to land in Delhi. But things took a turn and the Kozhikode flight made a landing at the Kannur International Airport forcefully. If you want to know the reason and the whole story behind this, read till the last.

Kozhikode Flight Makes Emergency Landing In Kannur After Getting Hit By A Bird

Delhi-bound flight got hit by a bird soon after takeoff. And the flight had to land at Kannur en route to Delhi. A spokesperson of Air India shared that they had to make the emergency landing for checking and maintenance purposes. The flight originated from Kozhikode and carried 135 passengers. Among them, 85 flyers were from Kozhikode and the rest 50 were from Kannur. The good news is that no one suffered any injuries. Every passenger is safe and stayed in Kannur hotels until the airline made any arrangements.

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Air India
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According to a report by PTI, the airport SHO shared that the airlines made arrangements for hotels for the Delhi-bound flyers. They accommodated in 2 hotels in Kannur. On Tuesday, Air India made travel arrangements for them. And for the flyers from overseas, the airlines made travel arrangements on other flights.

The Passengers Boarded A Flight On Tuesday

The passengers stranded in Kannur travelled to Delhi on Tuesday. They flew in another Air India flight to reach the national capital. Air India provided an aircraft from Bengaluru as the Kozhikode flight hit by a bird was still in the process of trials. And Air India did not think it was a good idea to elongate the waiting time and plans of the flyers on the flight.

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The SHO also added that some passengers decided to cancel their tickets and did not delay their travel plans. They boarded on Indigo flights. Some decided to reschedule their plans. 7 engineers from Delhi reached Kannur to work on the bird-hit Kozhikode flight. The engines of the flight had some remains of the birds and they had to repair them.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Air India