Visit Kune Falls In Khandala

by Tushal Kukreja
Visit Kune Falls In Khandala

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Kune Falls in Khandala is one of the most scenic but unfortunately one of the most unexplored tourist spots in Khandala.

What Is It?

Kune Falls, located within Lonavala and Khandala valley, is a three tired waterfall with a total height of two hundred meters (six hundred feet); the highest drop being hundred meters. Kune Falls is the fourteenth highest waterfall in India and is one of the most scenic waterfalls that you’ll ever get to see. The waterfall is divided into two sections and the highest drop at this three-tier waterfall is of about 100 m. The lush green vegetation around the waterfall adds on to the scenic view.

Picture Credit: Flickr

What Else?

The tourists are attracted in large numbers to this gushy waterfall during the rainy season. The water that flows through the valley runs for many days even after the monsoon season is over. The Kune Church is located near the waterfall and must definitely be visited on a family getaway.

How To Get There?

Kune Falls is a two hour drive away (94 kms) from Mumbai and at a distance of 70 kms from Pune. The waterfall is located two kms from Khandala station and 3.5 kms from Lonavala Railway Station. Kune village is located near the waterfalls and is an amazing place to visit.