Kuwait Announces Rules For Expats To Settle Traffic Fines & More Before Exiting The Country

by Deeplata Garde
Kuwait Announces Rules For Expats To Settle Traffic Fines & More Before Exiting The Country

The Kuwait Traffic Department has issued a stern advisory concerning the settlement of specific traffic fines for expats. The advisory also includes fines related to speeding and the unauthorized use of handicapped parking spaces. Notably, these fines must be settled in person at designated Traffic Department offices and cannot be resolved through online channels or alternative methods. Here’s more info about these new rules announced by Kuwait.

Kuwait Enforces Stricter Traffic Fine Settlement Rules for Expatriates

Traffic Fines
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In a significant legislative change, Kuwait has recently mandated that expatriates settle all traffic fines before departing the country, regardless of the reason for their exit. This new initiative, designed to recover outstanding debts from expatriates, aligns with Act 17 (1959) and Act 67 (1976), as stated by the Ministry’s General Directorate of Security Relations and Media in a recent press release. The expatriates are now required to clear their dues through designated channels, including online platforms or the various traffic departments located across the country. Furthermore, payment offices have been established at key land, sea, and air border points, such as the Kuwait airport.

The department further clarified that speeding tickets and fines for improper parking in handicapped spaces cannot be paid at the airport or via online platforms. Individuals are urged to settle these fines well before the departure date. Failing to adhere to these regulations could lead to serious consequences for expatriates. The Traffic Department explicitly warned individuals regarding the outstanding traffic fines. The regulations read that the expats will be prohibited from departing the country, regardless of their chosen point of exit. Be it at the airport, border crossings, or ports, no crossing would be allowed.

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What Is The Aim Of This Initiative?

Traffic Fines
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These recent regulatory changes are part of Kuwait’s broader efforts to ensure adherence to legal guidelines and recoup outstanding debts from expatriates. The Ministry emphasizes the importance of compliance with these guidelines, underscoring its commitment to upholding national security and public order. Expatriates residing in Kuwait need to stay informed about these changes. They should take proactive measures to prevent any potential complications upon leaving the country.

In conclusion, Kuwait’s newly implemented regulations underscore the nation’s commitment to enforcing legal norms and recovering outstanding debts. These changes highlight the need for expatriates to responsibly manage their traffic fines, ensuring a smooth departure. By complying with these regulations, expatriates can help maintain both their interests and the broader public order of Kuwait.

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