Lab Grown Chicken Tried By Israelis Is The Latest Food Revolution

by Suchismita Pal
Lab Grown Chicken Tried By Israelis Is The Latest Food Revolution

Technology is evolving in leaps and bounds, making man capable of creating anything and everything. Recently, scientists in Israel have created chicken inside a laboratory that looks and tastes like real chicken. A restaurant named The Chicken in the Israeli town, Ness Ziona, is also serving burgers and meat rice rolls prepared with the ‘cultured’ chicken. The adjacent production site, SuperMeat grows this special chicken. One of the eaters even said that if she didn’t know about the lab-grown meat, she would’ve thought her burger to be a regular chicken burger. The eatery, The Chicken is SuperMeat’s own restaurant dedicated to cell-based chicken. Read on to know more.

Lab Grown Chicken
Picture Credits: The Chicken

How Is The Meat Made In The Laboratory? Is It Vegan?

The cultured meat might not be fit for pure vegetarians, but eggeterians may have it as it is prepared from fertilised egg. To prepare the meat, a fertilised chicken egg is taken and then its cells are cultivated. The experts then feed the cell cultures a plant-based liquid containing proteins, minerals, vitamins, sugars and fats. The feed directly goes into production and it grows swiftly. According to a Times of India report, the company has stated that the mass doubles within a matter of hours. The company is currently producing hundreds of kilograms of this lab meat every week.

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The Slaughter-Free Lab Meat Aims To Feed The Ever-Increasing World Population In An Eco-Friendly Way

Experts are saying that lab-grown meat can be an eco-friendly alternative to regular meat, as it is cruelty-free, slaughter-free and is developed without the use of antibiotics and generic engineering. As reported by TOI, Ido Savir, SuperMeat’s chief executive, has said, “This way we’ll be able to reduce the amount of land, water use and so many other resources, and keep the product very healthy and clean.”

Lab Grown Chicken
Picture Credits: NARA

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The restaurant, The Chicken, is now conducting periodical test meals to get customer reviews. While many customers are already loving the meat, the company is awaiting regular approval from the US Food and Drug Administration to augment the meat production to a commercial scale.