Breakfast Cues From Ladakh

by Pooja Paryani
Breakfast Cues From Ladakh

Eat breakfast like a Ladakhi

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I can’t think of anyone who does it better than a Ladakhi!

How about kick- starting the day on a sweet and delicious note while enjoying a panoramic view from the rooftop of the world? Tempting, isn’t it? Now, replace your morning coffee with a butter tea or Qahwa! Here are some more cues for you to enjoy your breakfast like a Ladakhi:

1. Chhurpi

Blue cheese anyone? You might have possibly tried cow’s cheese or buffalo’s cheese, but have you ever tried yak’s cheese? Apart from being very nutritious, Chhurpi interestingly can be sweet, tangy or bland and has a texture similar to Ricotta or Cottage cheese. Skip the brown ones if bland is not your taste. Also available hard and soft, a word of advice would be to go slow.


2. Butter Tea

Prepared from dri (female Yak) milk and butter is this signature salty tea. Its a specialty here and for a very good reason! Freshly churned butter is added to the traditional tea and brewed in a wooden pot. Butter, known for its high caloric energy is best suited for the high-altitudes.

Also, ladies, if you care about those luscious lips, sip on to prevent chapped lips! A heaping quarter of a teaspoon of salt is added to it to give it a salty taste, thereby making Po Cha (as it is popularly known there), an acquired taste.

ladakh- butter tea

3. Qahwa

Didn’t like butter tea? Go for Qahwa! Your senses will be instantly allured as its rich aroma and flavour sits on your table. Loaded with anti-oxidants from a generous blend of saffron and spices, it’s a great way to stay hydrated and warm. Go ahead, gulp on, it is healthy too!


4. Chulli

Apricot or Ladakhi “chulli” is a popularly loved staple in Leh. From jams to pickles to even face packs & scrubs, you will find everything apricot at the Ladakh Apricot Store. I strongly urge you to try apricot jam and the apricot juice when you go there. Nutritious and organic, the apricot fare doesn’t end here.

Additionally, after a heavy scrumptious meal, you can also pick from their fruity desserts. How else can there be a better start to your day?


Bon Appetit! Don’t forget to tell me which of these you will be adding to your diet :)

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