Listen Up Cinephiles! CineMAS Is Making A Comeback This May In Abu Dhabi

by Anupriya Mishra
Listen Up Cinephiles! CineMAS Is Making A Comeback This May In Abu Dhabi

The dictionary defines cinephile as a person who is fond of cinemas. It comes from the word cinephilia, which is used to define a passionate interest in cinemas. And if this holds true for you as well, then you are in for some brilliant news, dear movie lovers, CineMAS is returning to Abu Dhabi for the fifth time this May and we are here to spill all the interesting details you need to know about this upcoming alternative film festival.

CineMAS Is Returning For The 5th Edition

Pic credits: Wikimedia Commons

For those who aren’t aware, CineMAS is an alternative film festival that is highly popular for showcasing some of the best indie talents and movies that deserve to be on your must-watch list. If you are someone who loves to watch movies, no matter what genre they belong to, then this upcoming film fiesta warrants your attention. As it happens, it’s making a comeback for the fifth time, and this will happen at Manarat Al Saadiyat. Moreover, you can look forward to movies that explore different themes, inspiring movies, and dialogues led by renowned regional and, of course, a programme discussing sense and their dialogues led by regional and international speakers from the industry.

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A Glimpse At The Programmes This Year

For those who aren’t aware, previous editions showcased popular flicks, like Osha and the Falconer, a documentary, which follows the journey of a mother and daughter as they travel through the desert hunting falcons. As it happens, Feathers, an award-winning social satire, and Mars, Oman, which is a futuristic movie about Bedouins and spaceships were also shown to the people in attendance.

In fact, this year the festival is expected to feature a showcase of films, like Under The Fig Trees, Mommy, and Bundle Of Joy. As mentioned above, the festival will begin on May 29 and will go on till June 4, between 10 AM and 8 PM. Although the prices are yet to be declared, they will be happening at the Saadiyat Cultural District.

So, if you are someone who is also as enthusiastic about movies, then don’t forget to mark your calendars, and check out the complete list of programmes from their website.

Cover Image Courtesy: Pexels