Lonavala Gets Its 1st Glasshouse Restaurant, Boasting Of European-Mediterranean Cuisine With Great Views!

Experience dining at Fiori—a unique escape into tranquility and taste!

by Mallika Khurana
Lonavala Gets Its 1st Glasshouse Restaurant, Boasting Of European-Mediterranean Cuisine With Great Views!

In the heart of Lonavala’s scenic hills, a unique dining experience awaits at Fiori, the region’s first-ever glasshouse restaurant. Combining serene natural beauty with a delightful fusion of European and Mediterranean flavours, Fiori promises an unforgettable escape from the ordinary. Curious to know more? Step inside and let Fiori enchant you.

Step Into Lonavala’s First Glasshouse Restaurant


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Nestled in the picturesque hills of Lonavala, Fiori is a haven for those seeking a blend of serenity, culinary excellence, and architectural beauty. As Lonavala’s first-ever glasshouse restaurant, Fiori stands out with its unique design and enchanting atmosphere. It is a must-visit destination for both locals and travellers.

Fiori, meaning “flowers” in Italian, is the brainchild of sibling duo Suraj and Sanskriti Gupta. These second-generation entrepreneurs from the family-owned Regenta SG’s Greenotel have combined their talents and passions. The duo has created a dining experience that reflects their love for travel, nature, and exquisite food.

Fiori’s design is a harmonious blend of contemporary and rustic elements. The glasshouse, with its innovative polycarbonate sliding roofs, allows diners to fully immerse themselves in Lonavala’s natural beauty, whether during the quaint monsoons or cosy winters. The wooden features crafted by local artisans add a touch of warmth and authenticity. It certainly creates a cosy indoor atmosphere that contrasts beautifully with the vibrant greenery outside.

Ambient lamps and strategically placed flower vases enhance the dining experience, infusing the space with layers of comfort and sophistication. The natural elements not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal but also invigorate the senses with fresh, delicate fragrances.

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Fiori’s Unique Blend Of Mediterranean And European Cuisine


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Under the leadership of Head Chef Gracian de Souza, Fiori offers a vegetarian menu that celebrates the rich culinary traditions of Europe and the Mediterranean. The dishes are meticulously crafted using the finest organic ingredients.

Start your culinary journey with appetisers like the Cream of Mushroom Soup or the Beetroot and Goat Cheese Salad. For a taste of bold flavours, try the Black Bean Chili con Carne Taco. The main course offers a variety of delectable options, such as the Neapolitan pizza or the Garlic Pizza.

End your meal on a sweet note with the Cookie Tart paired with creamy salted caramel ice cream or the rich and creamy Tiramisu Cake. Fiori’s beverage menu is as thoughtfully curated as its food offerings. Sip on innovative cocktails like the Bee Sting, the Lavender Love, or Fiori’s Sunset. For non-alcoholic options, try the Miel Latte or the Blueberry and Walnut Smoothie. 

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat, a romantic dinner under the stars, or simply an escape from the ordinary, Fiori offers an unforgettable dining experience. Its blend of culinary excellence, stunning architecture, and serene natural beauty creates a truly unique destination that captures the essence of Lonavala’s charm.

Where: Regenta SG’s Greenotel Old Mumbai – Pune Hwy, Gawliwada, Rao Colony, Lonavala, Maharashtra
When: 6 pm – 11 pm

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