Look At The Splendid Underwater Pic Of A Surfer By Photographer Todd Glaser On The YETI Billboard

by Shreya Rathod
Look At The Splendid Underwater Pic Of A Surfer By Photographer Todd Glaser On The YETI Billboard

Photographers are experts in capturing aesthetic and beautiful images. Photography is an art and needs a lot of practice to become perfect. Additionally, there are several elements like lighting, pattern, colour scheme and so on. Recently, a famous photographer, Todd Glaser, captured an iconic pic of a famous surfer from underwater. And it was featured on the YETI billboard!

Photographer Todd Glaser’s Pic Of Surfer Ends Up On YETI Billboard!


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When a talented photographer saw the chance to catch John John Florence in action, riding a wave with unparalleled precision, a remarkable moment occurred. This famous underwater photograph has just been given new life, enthralling viewers and exhibiting the prowess of this well-known surfer in a wholly original manner.

Todd Glaser, a well-known photographer, recently uploaded a wonderful picture on Instagram. The two-time World Champion was part of a brand collaboration. Florence was seen surfing expertly underwater in the photograph. Thanks to Yeti and Val Surf, this never-before-seen image took on a new life when it was displayed on billboards in Los Angeles.

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Florence’s outstanding accomplishments as a brand spokesperson for the travel gear company will no doubt attract admirers to the shops.

John John Florence Won Several Championships!

When Florence joined the esteemed World Surf League Championship Tour in 2011, the surfing world took notice of his abilities. His perseverance paid off as he won the coveted achievement in 2016 after coming agonisingly close to winning the world championship title in 2013. He didn’t stop at one victory; he repeated it in 2017, becoming one of just five men in the history of the sport to win back-to-back titles. His ascent to the top has been characterised by singular encounters and personal development.

Moreover, he had a difficult time getting to the Tokyo Olympics. The American surfer’s adventure began in 2018, following a big setback in which he tore his anterior cruciate ligament while surfing in Bali following a tournament. Despite facing setbacks, Florence persisted and returned successfully for the 2019 season. He accomplished outstanding achievements on the Championship Tour, taking home a third-place finish and two straight victories.

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Despite having knee surgery just before making his Olympic debut, Florence endured additional difficulties. He still managed to place 9th overall.

Cover Image Courtesy: Todd Glaser/ Instagram