Lost Your nol Card? Here’s How To Personalise Your Card To Use Balance & Enjoy Other Benefits!

Unveiling the potential of nol Card personalisation.

by Deeplata Garde
Lost Your nol Card? Here’s How To Personalise Your Card To Use Balance & Enjoy Other Benefits!

The fear of losing your nol card, particularly when it holds your hard-earned balance, can be distressing. Yet, there’s a distinctive personalisation feature for nol card that not only secures your funds but also introduces an array of additional advantages.

Personalising Your Commute With nol Card

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) not only presents diverse card options but also extends users the chance to customise their cards, unlocking a plethora of benefits in the process. If you currently possess a Silver or Gold card, seamlessly linking it to your Emirates ID turns you into a registered user without requiring a new card.

Beyond Points to Enhanced Security: The Significance of Customisation
Choosing to personalise your nol card brings forth a range of advantages. Let’s explore why this enhancement is transformative for commuters.

nol Plus Points

Opting for a customised nol card entails earning points each time you recharge through the nol Plus application. Registered users accumulate one point for every Dh1 spent, while unregistered counterparts earn one point for every Dh2 spent. These valuable points find utility in card top-ups and at various establishments, including restaurants and hotels.

Redemption & Enhanced Security

In the unfortunate event of loss, theft, or card expiry, registered users with personalized cards possess the unique capability to redeem their funds and block the card. The process entails calling the RTA toll number for card blocking, followed by a straightforward online procedure under the ‘nol refund’ section to recover the funds. Amounts below Dh100 are reimbursed in cash, while anything exceeding Dh100 can be transferred to the new card as nol balance.

nol Card Topping Limits

Registered Gold and Silver nol card users benefit from the flexibility to top up their cards up to Dh5,000, providing extended financial convenience. In contrast, non-registered users face a top-up limit of Dh1,000.

Navigating The Personalisation Process

For existing Silver or Gold nol cardholders, customisation is a simple process involving payment of just Dh30. This fee ensures your card is intricately linked to your Emirates ID, solidifying your status as a registered user. The entire customisation journey can be smoothly executed through the RTA website, smart app, or nol Plus app, with completion in approximately four days.

Crafting Tailored Commuting Experiences

Embark on the journey of customising your nol card today and unlock a realm of rewards, security, and convenience. Are you a seasoned commuter or a newcomer to the nol card experience? Well, this personalised touch guarantees that your travels are efficient and enriched with perks tailored to your lifestyle.

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