Louvre Abu Dhabi: From Picasso Paintings To Sculptures, Here’s What To Expect At This Museum

by Deeplata Garde
Louvre Abu Dhabi: From Picasso Paintings To Sculptures, Here’s What To Expect At This Museum

Enter the renowned Louvre Abu Dhabi, the first universal museum in the Arab World, which translates and promotes intercultural understanding. Pablo Picasso’s three new pieces have been put on the museum’s display. Each of these artworks highlights a distinct facet of his artistic process. Let’s find out more about this museum’s collection.

Inside Louvre Abu Dhabi


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The Four Parts of the World, four enormous marble statues that have made their maiden journey outside of their residence at the Palace of Versailles, were also unveiled by the museum as a dramatic new loan.

On Monday, two Picasso pieces were hung in the fourth wing of the museum. On the wing’s entry wall, where Piet Mondrian’s masterwork Composition with Blue, Red, Yellow, and Black previously stood, is now shown the 1911 picture Woman Holding a Mandoline. Inspiring many European painters in the early 20th century, African art’s shapes and depictions served as a source of creativity for Picasso and Andre.

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Picasso On Display

Pic Creds: Louvre Abu Dhabi

Over the course of a decade, Picasso painted Khokhlova in a number of different portraits. But possibly one of the most enigmatic is Portrait of a Seated Woman. Later, though, it was revealed to be his wife Olga. This was painted during a time when they were apart. She supported him in his practice and profession. Carnet no. 1076 – Studies of Yuri Gagarin is another Picasso piece that has been added to the collection of the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

The artworks, which consist of a series of 12 painted pages and 8 blank pages, reveal the subtleties of Picasso’s pencil strokes, with some pages even displaying traces of the drawing he previously created in the notebook. Later this year, the artefacts are expected to be put on exhibit.

Louvre Abu Dhabi is unveiling new additions to its collection on the 50th death anniversary of Picasso. It’s a great coincidence as merges with the fifth anniversary of the institution. According to Noujaim, the Picasso works were directly sourced from the artist’s family. This was a lengthy process and took a few years to complete.

To commemorate the occasion and highlight its universal-museum model, Louvre Abu Dhabi is completing a rotation process of its artworks.

Do visit if you have a knack for some really good artwork.

Cover Image Courtesy: Louvre Abu Dhabi