Louvre Abu Dhabi Now Has Palm Trees That Sing When You Hug Them

by Angel Merchant
Louvre Abu Dhabi Now Has Palm Trees That Sing When You Hug Them

The UAE has been taking large strides toward a more sustainable future. The country has always been on the front lines of protecting the environment in a practical, fun loving way. And now, the capital city- Abu Dhabi has welcomed unique palm trees that sing when you hug them. Can there by anything more therapeutic?

What’s It?

The iconic Louvre in Abu Dhabi, is now home to beautiful palm trees that sing when you interact with them. The songs include traditional Emirati music such as the song Ayyla, and are intended to promote the idea of sustainability. With the looming danger of climate change, this unique and interactive idea helps inspire and spark a change in people. Each of the palm trees have speakers and motion sensors attached. So when you walk close by, the tress start to sing and as you move closer, the singing gets louder, and gets the loudest when you hug the tree.

The choir of the palm trees aims to inspire people to appreciate our natural environment and take care of it. As the crisis of the environment deepens all around the world, this initiative could spark a change. The place the trees are at, is also quite natural, and the manicured lawns and blue waters enhance the picturesque setting.

The trees are built using environment friendly material. The signing trees also sing english and french folk songs from the 16th century. It is both a captivating and effective way of conveying a heavy, and deep rooted issue such as climate change to the society. You can check the 30 singing trees out for free up until March 7th, after which the trees will be headed towards Paris.

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Location – Le Louvre, Abu Dhabi  
Timings – 24 hours, up to 7 March
Cost – Free

What Else?

Meanwhile, the UAE is also hosting yet another eco-friendly event. Dubai is now hosting the region’s first eco friendly food festival. The fest will be completely free of plastic packaging, cutlery and even straws. There will also be a number of masterclasses on how to cook and package food in an environmentally friendly way! You can pick up a free tote bag at the festival and shop around for delicious and tasty foods. This is a great opportunity to encourage a safe environment, and to learn a thing or two about the little things you can do to stop climate change.

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