Luxurious 7-Star Kapico Kerala Resorts Worth ₹200 Crores To Be Demolished

kapico kerala resort
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 398

India’s tallest building Noida Twin Towers was demolished for violating building codes. Following suit, Kapico Kerala Resorts will undergo demolition. The resort violated Coastal Regulation Zone(CRZ) codes. The Kerala government now possesses part of the poramboku from the 7-star resort in Alappuzha. Here’s why the ₹200 crores worth resort will cease to exist.

Why Will Kapico Kerala Resort Undergo Demolished?

Kapico Kerala Resort will face demolition for violating the Coastal Regulation Zone rules. Coastal areas of rivers, backwaters, bays and seas get affected by tides over 500 metres from the high tide line. So, the area between the high tide line and low tide line are CRZ zones. They are the transition regions between the marine and areas inhabited by people. Mangroves and coral reefs in CRZ zones are sensitive to climate change. They need conservation amid climate change threats. Constructing resorts and hotels may threaten the ecosystem. This in turn impacts the livelihoods of the local population.

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kapico kerala resort

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The Property Witnessed Land Encroachment Cases

Kapico Kerala Resorts comprises 54 ultra posh villas. The construction started in 2007. It underwent completion in 2012. Due to land encroachment allegations, the ₹200 crore property didn’t open to the public. The 36,000 sq ft resort remained a ghost property for years. However, the Supreme Court ordered its demolition for violating CRZ rules. This shall commence in a week’s time. The management of Kapico Kerala Resorts must safely dispose of all the debris, following the demolition.

kapico kerala resort

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Moreover, this isn’t the first luxury resort to be demolished in Kerala. In 2020, the government razed four other swanky waterfront properties near Vembanad for violating environmental rules.

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