Macquul, A Somalian Cuisine Catering Service In Delhi

by Tushal Kukreja
Macquul, A Somalian Cuisine Catering Service In Delhi

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Macquul– A catering service has members like Shukri that will not only win your heart by their food but also by their story.

What Is It?

There’s nothing worse than losing your loved ones to the civil war in your own country and then being forced to leave your country for your safety and that of your kids. This is exactly what Shukri, a Somalian, had to go through. Shukri who had a family of six however she lost her husband and her only daughter in an attack on their house. Shukri then fled with her three sons unfortunately her second youngest son passed away on the boat to Libya.

Losing her two kids and her beloved husband didn’t stop this determined women to make her way to India. Shukri is a refugee, a mother but most importantly she is a human being wanting to let go of her past and willing to start a fresh chapter in her life.

Ever since she arrived in India, Shukri made quite a few friends such as the autowalas, the subziwalas, the people at the grocery stores. However she still turns head and is quite frequently judged by people about her height, her hair,  and her skin; to which she only has one answer “main insaan hoon (I am a human being)”

Image Credit: Priyanjana Roy Das

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has started a catering service called Macquul and Shukri is a member of Macquul. Macquul helps women like Shukri to open up their kitchens to break down prejudices and introduce Delhi-ites to their culture. The most popular dish of the Somalian cuisine is the Somalian Mutton Kofta paired with khamiri roti (soft and chewy flatbread). Making these Somalian Koftas brings back old memories for Shukri. Shukri and her partner at Macquul make some incredible chicken biryani too.

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Their only source of income is by Macquul and trust us the food is exquisite. We are grateful to be living in a secular country like India and not only as a citizen of India but as a global citizen, the least we can do is support refugees like Shukri through organizations like Macquul. To try Shukri’s remarkable Somalian food please contact on +91-9818944096 (also available on WhatsApp)