Maharashtra Allows Home Delivery Of Liquor; To Begin From Thursday!

by Gizel Menezes
Maharashtra Allows Home Delivery Of Liquor; To Begin From Thursday!

Finally some relief for those wishing to get their stock refilled during this extended lockdown period! The Maharashtra Government has allowed home delivery of liquor beginning this Thursday! However, the announcement comes with a big bag of guidelines and precautions.

Maharashtra Allows Home Delivery Of Liquor

With a view to avoid residents crowding outside shops during the lockdown, the state excise department has issued an order that directs existing liquor shop license holders (IMFL, beer and wine shops) to home-deliver liquor to drinking permit holders.

The order reads, “Maharashtra government hereby permits the licensee holding the licensees in form FL-II, FL/BR-II, FL/W-II, as appended to the Bombay Liquor Rules 1953, to sell the IMFL – Spirits, Beer, Mild Liquor, Wines, to the permit holders by effecting delivery at the home address of the permit holders, subject to the conditions.”

This means that you need to have a drinking permit at home to avail the home delivery option. Apart from this, there is a host of other guidelines too. Have a look!

1. Sale and delivery of alcohol will be allowed only in the jurisdiction of the licensed premises at the specified day and timings, provided the permit holder has placed an order for the same.

2. The shops have to ensure that those delivering liquor have to wear face masks at all times and use hand sanitizers frequently.

3. Home delivery of liquor is only valid during the lockdown period and can be subjected to modifications or cancellations as per the government’s discretion.

4. Delivery personnel will need to have identity cards as well medical certificates of fitness duly signed by doctors.

Meanwhile, the excise department has also asked liquor shops to implement the e-token system for those who can’t avail home delivery. Under this system, shops can issue token numbers to consumers through an app or on the phone. The consumers can then collect their purchase as per the time slot allotted to them.

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Will The Home Delivery Option Apply To Mumbai?

This is the big question, isn’t it? Because two days after liquor shops were opened in the city, they were asked to shut shop as Mumbaikars completely disregarded social distancing norms.

However, whether home delivery will be allowed or not in Mumbai is still unclear right now. Even liquor shop owners have asked the BMC whether they can keep their shops shut and still deliver.

So, let’s keep our fingers crossed till the BMC gives us clarity on the issue. Till then, let’s the good times brew for the rest of Maharashtra. Cheers!

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