Maharashtra Government Gives Approval For Mumbai To Pune Hyperloop

by Kritika Kukreja
Maharashtra Government Gives Approval For Mumbai To Pune Hyperloop

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Get ready to completed your Mumbai to Pune journey within 30 minutes with the launch of the Swiss Hyperloop project between the two cities.

What Is It?

Travel time from Mumbai to Pune to get reduced to 25 minutes from 3 hours after the launch of the Hyperloop. After the approval from the Andhra Pradesh government, the Maharashtra government has also partnered with Virgin Hyperloop to make the journey to 30 minutes! The first model was proposed in Andhra Pradesh, and it has been partnered with California-based Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT).

What Is A Hyperloop?

A hyperloop is a pod-like train that runs inside a vacuum-like that runs at an average speed of 1200 kmph. The travel shall be done in a friction-less environment so any kind of physical or air-related resistance has to be avoided. To give you a perspective, the Hyperloop will run at a speed of 1200 km/hour (faster than a jet aircraft), as compared to the bullet train which runs at only 300-400 km/hour!

Test Route 

As per the approval, the test route of the Hyperloop will be conducted in 2019 for a distance of 19km from Balewadi to Gahunje in Pune.

Actual Launch

The awaited bullet train in India will launch by 2023, but guess what? The faster Hyperloop is estimated to launch by 2021. How cool is that? It will be faster and better!