Maharashtra Lockdown 5.0 Guidelines; What’s Allowed & What’s Not

by Natasha Monteiro
Maharashtra Lockdown 5.0 Guidelines; What’s Allowed & What’s Not

Even as Maharashtra is one of the most affected Coronavirus states in India, the state’s Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray went live to announce Lockdown 5.0 and called it ‘Mission Begin Again’. As of June 5th 2020, Maharashtra has allowed all markets, market areas and shops (except malls) to function on an odd-even basis.

On Sunday (May 31st 2020), the government announced new guide lines for Lockdown 5.0, aptly named Mission Begin Again. The plan would unfold in three phases between Junes 3rd – June 8th. The government will announce further changes to the lockdown depending on the ground situation.

PLEASE NOTE: None of the new guidelines are applicable to those living in containment zones.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said, “We need to tread cautiously as we begin our lives in a new way.” The guidelines for Maharashtra were announced one day after the centre rolled out ‘Unlock 1’ guidelines, which allowed re-opening of hotels, malls, restaurants, and places of worship from June 8th, 2020.

Mission Begin Again – What’s Allowed And What’s Not In Maharashtra

Under the new guidelines by the Maharashtra government, there has been a lot more relaxation in rules, while some curfew and deadlines continue to remain. Of course, none of this is applicable to containment zones. Below are the do’s & don’ts of Mission Begin Again in Lockdown 5.0. This is applicable in Municipal Corporations of MMR Region including Mumbai, Nagpur, Solapur, Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad, Dhule, Malegaon Jalgaon, Amravat and Akola. 

List Of Activities That Are Permitted In Phase 1 (With effect from June 3)

1. Physical exercises like walking, jogging, running, cycling will be permitted in public open spaces. This could be beaches, public gardens, public & private grounds, promenades & garden belonging to societies. This will be applicable only between between 5 am to 7 pm.

2. Self-employed people like technicians, plumbers, pest control, electricians and others will be allowed to resume business.

3. Garages will be allowed to mend vehicles and workshops with prior appointment.

4. All government offices will be able to function with 15% strength (excluding Emergency, health & Medical, treasuries, disaster management, police, NIC, food & Civil Supply, NYK, Municipal Services will work at levels required).

List Of Activities That Are Not Permitted In Phase 1 (With effect from June 3)

1. No group physical activities (like walking, jogging, running, cycling). All exercise can only be done individually in public spaces as permitted by the government.

2. Movement of people to remain strictly prohibited between 9pm – 5am, except for essential activities.

3. Private offices to continue to remain shut.

List Of Activities That Are Permitted In Phase 2 (With effect from June 5)

1. All markets & market ares (excluding market complexes & shops) will be allowed to open on an odd-even basis. Those on one side of the road will operate on one day, and those on the opposite will operate on the next day.

2. People will be allowed to move around in vehicles.

Rickshaw: Only essential 1 + 2
Taxi and Cab/aggregator: Only essential 1 + 2
Private 2 wheelers: Only essential 1
Private 4 wheelers: Only essential 1 + 2

List Of Activities That Are Not Permitted In Phase 2 (With effect from June 5)

1. Malls & marketing complexes will still be restricted and not function in Phase 2.

2. Use of trial rooms in shops will not be permitted

3. No return or exchange policy will be permitted

4. If authorities think that a particular shop is crowded or social distancing norms are not being followed, they will have the authority to shut the shop down.

5. Private & public transport for non essential services will not be allowed.

List Of Activities That Are Permitted In Phase 2 (With effect from June 8)

1. All private offices can operate with up to 10% strength. Rest of the employees to continue to work from home.

2. Travel within any district will be allowed

3. Buses can operate at 50% capacity to help maintain social distancing

List Of Activities That Are Not Permitted In Phase 2 (With effect from June 8)

1. Schools, colleges, educational institutions will continue to remain shut

2. Metro rail will not be operational

3. No international travel will be permitted (except for those with permission)

4. Cinemas to remain shut

5. Gyms & public places like assembly halls, bars, auditoriums, swimming pools and others to remain shut

6. Any large gatherings, including religious or social functions are banned

7. Hotels, restaurants will remain shut (delivery will be allowed)

8. Salons, beauty services, barber shops to remain shut

9. Places of worship to remain shut

Currently Maharashtra has over 67,000 of the country’s overall coronavirus cases and is the most infected state in India.