Mahesh Manjrekar Spills The Beans On Salman Khan’s Diet And Food Habits

by Shreya Ghosh
Mahesh Manjrekar Spills The Beans On Salman Khan’s Diet And Food Habits

Most of us grew up watching Salman Khan’s blockbuster movies like Bodyguard, Ready, Jai Ho, Dabangg 3 and Wanted. Along with Salman, we also noticed one face in all these movies and he is none other than Mahesh Manjrekar. Both the actors share a great friendship and we have seen their bonding not only on the movie screens but in real life interviews too. In a recent interview, Mahesh shared about Salman’s love for food.

Mahesh Manjrekar Loves This Bollywood Actor’s Home Food


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The filmmaker-actor talked about some of his friends from the Bollywood industry in a recent interview on Kunal Vijaykar’s YouTube channel “Khane Mein Kya Hai”. In this chat show, Kunal Vijaykar asked about the best cook that he found in the film industry. To this question, Mahesh shared that he likes the food from Salman’s home. Not just about food from Salman’s home, Mahesh Manjrekar even shared about Khan’s food choices and the type of food he usually likes to eat.

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The Actor-Filmmaker Gave Us A Sneak Peek At Salman Khan’s Food Preferences In A Chat Show

Did you know that Dabangg Star is a fan of spicy food? In this chat sow, Mahesh Manjrekar shared that Salman is very fond of spicy food items and he wants proper taste in his meals. We have all seen Salman’s fitness and great body in so many movies in the past and even now. But surprisingly, he does not worry about diets that much. He does not like eating tasteless diet food and dishes.

Mahesh Manjrekar Also Talked About His Mother’s Amazing Cooking Skills


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He shared how his Mum never used a spoon to put spices and ingredients while cooking. She always added everything to the pan measuring with her fingers only. And the food turned out to be perfect all the time. Now isn’t that a great skill? Some of her classic recipes are different types of fish curries prepared using different masala and several techniques. It is always a special feeling to enjoy homemade food, that too made by our mothers.

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What is your favourite food made by your mum?

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