Mahim Beach Is Sandy Once again; BMC Also Plants 250 Trees

by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 429

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation ( BMC) has recently transported sand from the Mahim Beach to cover around 30,000 square feet of land on the coastline at Mahim Reti Bunder. To beautify the area further, BMC has also planted 250 suru trees on the beach. These trees are suitable for sandy soil near the seashore. As part of the beach renovation project, the authorities are also planning to construct watchtower, promenade, bamboo fencing, pathway and more. Mumbai’s iconic BMC Headquarters is also opening doors to tourists for heritage walks.

Mumbai’s Mahim Beach Renovated By Depositing Sands And Planting Trees

Mahim Beach in Mumbai is undergoing renovation and is being beautified by transporting sand and planting suru trees. Suru trees, that are suitable for sandy soil, aid in checking soil erosion and also help in fixing atmospheric nitrogen. Besides these, the trees also act as windbreakers at the time of cyclones. The authorities are planning to plant more than 1100 trees on the beach. Other than the suru trees, 350 bamboo, 350 tecoma and  200 chafa trees will also be planted. Also, you can read about the top 10 breathtaking Mumbai beaches.

Mahim Beach Sandy

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According to Mumbai Mirror, Kiran Dighavkar, assistant commissioner, G (north) ward, has said, “This will be the first of its kind plantation on a beach.” He added, “There was a natural beach in Mahim. But over time, there was encroachment and the beach got lost in the process from Mahim Fort to Mahim Koliwada. Giving the beach back to the locals was important to increase the tourism value of the locality.”

Mahim Beach Sandy

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Watchtower, Promenade And More To Come Up On The Beach

The authorities screened and sieved the sand before depositing it. The estimated cost of the beach renovation project is around ₹4 crores. It will also include the construction of watchtower, promenade, artwork, bamboo fencing, pathway, retaining wall, stormwater drain line and more.

Mahim Couple Who Had Run The Beach Clean-Up Campaign Welcomes The Move

Earlier, husband-wife duo Indranil Sengupta and Rabia Tewari had cleaned up the beach removing around 1000 tonnes of garbage with the help of Koli community and other Mahim residents. They had worked actively on the beach clean-up campaign from September 2017. The clean beach had even witnessed the return of many migratory birds. Now, the couple has welcomed the move of the government to make the beach sandy and beautiful all over again. They said,  “We are happy to know that after three years of our consistent groundwork and campaigning for a cleaner Mahim beach, it is finally getting its due from the authorities. As Mahim residents, we welcome this effort taken at Mahim Reti-bunder so that locals can enjoy the beach and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.”

Mahim Beach Sandy

Picture Credits: mahimbeachcleanup/Instagram

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The renovated beach can be anticipated to attract more tourists as well. This beautification drive is indeed a commendable initiative. Meanwhile, let’s explore Malad-Kandivali-Borivali virtually now, from the comfort of our homes:

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