Make your Way To Saudi’s First Cultural Centre, Fenaa Alawwal. Here’s All You Need To Know

by Deeplata Garde
Make your Way To Saudi’s First Cultural Centre, Fenaa Alawwal. Here’s All You Need To Know

Similar to UAE, the kingdom of Saudi also takes its cultures and traditions seriously. And to preserve it, The Fenaa Alawwal cultural centre was inaugurated by the Saudi Ministry of Culture on Thursday in Riyadh. To gain a greater appreciation of the cultural heritage, Riyadh welcomed this new addition at the Diplomatic Quarter.

Fenaa Alawwal Will Be A Platform For Global Cultural Exchange

As part of its efforts to achieve the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030 and to “promote culture as a way of life,” the ministry launched Fenaa Alawwal. It is designed to be a hub for culture and creativity that will host a variety of cultural events, such as exhibitions and seminars, and bring together a varied group of prominent intellectuals and artists.

The inaugural event, which featured a light show, witnessed many luminaries from the foreign and cultural spheres. The dignitaries included the minister of culture, Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan.

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The Cultural Center Would Attract Thinkers & Creators From Around The Globe

In addition to being a multifunctional cultural hub, FAA wants to be a place in the Kingdom where many populations can congregate, explore, learn more about themselves, and engage in various forms of interaction.
The cultural centre will provide a variety of cultural programmes and encourage intercultural cooperation and conversation. In addition, the unique art library and the “Circle 3 by Acoustic” Restaurant and Cafe will provide informal public areas. There’s ample space where people can interact, share ideas, and socialise with ease.

Alawwal Bank, the Kingdom’s first commercial bank before FAA, came to life at the opening ceremony through captivating light projections. The event showcased the elegance of this remarkable building. It is basically a reinforced concrete cylindrical construction, square-shaped canopy architecture decorated in the traditional Saudi manner with a geometrically patterned, high-relief motif.

When in Saudi, pay a visit to this centre and socialise with intellectual people. You might get the chance to absorb some cultural knowledge about the kingdom.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/Saudi Arabia Ministry of Culture