Glamp It Out At The Ancient Volcanic Landscape, Harrat Khaybar At Saudi Arabia

by Deeplata Garde
Glamp It Out At The Ancient Volcanic Landscape, Harrat Khaybar At Saudi Arabia

Emiratis love glamping. Therefore multiple companies have made extreme spots and arrangements to provide ample and unique options for glamping in the region. One such recent development that caught our attention was this one glamping spot in Saudi. And it’s not like your usual desert glamping site. Ever seen a volcanic landscape? Come experience one at this spot in the Kingdom.

Experience First Volcanic Glamping In Saudi Arabia

The very first Khaybar Volcano Camp has opened on one of Saudi Arabia’s biggest volcanic fields.

The location is in Khaybar, a historic paradise that has just opened to tourists and is only three hours from AlUla. This upscale resort elevates glamping by blending into the surrounding volcanic surroundings. Because of its clean, simplistic design, visitors may concentrate on nature and fully detach from everyday life.

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Stay, Dine & Get Star Gazing Views

From customised exclusive packages to ample amenities, Harrat Khaybar Volcanic Camp is all about luxurious glamping in Saudi. The camp’s concierge will get in touch with visitors after booking to talk about special requests, pick-up choices, and more. There’s a list of different activities you can pick from like heritage tours, mediation during golden hours, storyteller’s hours, music performances and more. The best of all is the stargazing with telescopes.

Eat like royals when in Saudi. The menu will offer your a selection of custom-made cocktails and toasted pita and hummus, olives, nuts, dates and fruits.

We suggest you make it to the spot on foot than by car as the volcanic landscape makes it challenging to drive. So pack your essentials and head to this new experience in Saudi’s Harrat Khaybar now.

Cover Image Courtesy: ExperienceAlula