Malaysia’s Johor Bahru Gets Its 1st Alpacas Cafe With Adorablely Dressed Up Alpacas & Appetising Dishes


by Ankita Mazumdar
Malaysia’s Johor Bahru Gets Its 1st Alpacas Cafe With Adorablely Dressed Up Alpacas & Appetising Dishes

Have you ever come across the most adorable alpaca reels or pictures? Doesn’t it make your heart want to reach out to fluff out the silky furry head and pet it nicely? Moreso, if you could feed it, love it and give it all the cuddles in the world, you would right? As Clouds Cafe in Johor Bahru, Malaysia is the first alpaca cafe here! It is coming to your rescue with a bunch of precious alpacas ready to accompany you during this dining experience. Let’s check it out.

Pet Adorable Alpacas Wearing Funky Shirts & Chains In Johor Bahru

For the first time, As Clouds Cafe in Johor Bahru in Malaysia is offering a unique dining experience with cute alpacas! Yes, you read that right. White and black alpacas are waiting for you dressed up in some of the most vibrant and funkiest shirts and chains you have ever seen. Well, they have to be as stylish as you are!

Typically they roam around the cafe and you get a chance to feed them healthy treats provided by the staff at As Clouds Cafe, click a quick selfie, scratch their fluffy heads and cheeks, love them and then let them be. However, be aware, alpacas tend to kick as hard as they can. But look at their oh-so-adorable faces, it melts your heart!

The alpaca cafe in Johor Bahru is simple with white and grey-coloured minimalistic decor. There is a dedicated area with cushiony chairs, three white alpaca soft toys, a neon sign of the cafe’s name,  and realistic-looking cloud-shaped lights which bring together the place. The cloud-shaped lights move in upward and downward motion, so it looks pretty cool!

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The Menu Here Is Pretty Amazing


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When it is an alpaca cafe in Johor Bahru, it has to have an alpaca-inspired dessert! As Clouds Cafe offers a cute-looking alpaca face as a jiggle dessert with chocolate sauce and blueberries. You have to order it! Next, they serve some delicious crispy fish and chips, loaded burgers, katsu chicken with fries, cheesy pizza, noodles and so much more.

You may pair your food with delectable drinks while you have fun dining with alpacas. The alpacas bring a one-of-a-kind experience and the tantalising dishes on the menu make your heart and stomach happy! It is a must-visit.

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When are you visiting As Clouds Cafe?

Where: AS Clouds Cafe,  No 32, Jalan Nakhoda 2, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, 81300 Skudai, Johor
Timings: 11 AM – 9:30 PM

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ascloudsjb
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