Man Accidentally Plays Titanic Song On Plane Next To Kate Winslet; Sinks With Embarrassment 

by Sanjana Shenoy
Man Accidentally Plays Titanic Song On Plane Next To Kate Winslet; Sinks With Embarrassment 

Just a while back, actor Rainn Wilson shared a hilarious incident on a plane, where his co-passenger watched back-to-back Office episodes, without realising he was sitting next to Dwight Schrute. And now a man took to TikTok to share his embarrassing encounter with none other than Oscar-winner actor from Titanic, Kate Winslet.

TikToker Meets Titanic Actor Kate Winslet & Doesn’t Recognise Her

TikToker, Chris Olsen left the Internet in stitches after sharing a hilarious anecdote on TikTok. Chris narrated in his video how he needed to start paying much more attention to his surroundings and couldn’t keep embarrassing himself. The story goes that he was on a flight and was allotted the second row. He sits on his seat towards the aisle and noticed a woman sitting by the window. The middle seat was empty.

Chris settles in his seat and starts shuffling between songs on his AirPods. Hilariously, legendary singer Celine Dion was on Chris’s mind. This is because she recently cancelled her tour and news channels were constantly playing her music. What he didn’t realise was that his AirPods weren’t connected. So, Celine Dion’s music starts playing out loud.

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Plays “My Heart Will Go On” Next To Her Accidentally

For some reason, the woman seated near him by the window kept staring at him. She looked at him like he did something wrong. The air hostess then tells him to shift his seat as he sat on the wrong seat. As he walks to another seat, he apologises to his co-passenger by the window. When he looks at her face, Chris realises she looks familiar. Yet, he couldn’t place her.

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And as Celine Dion’s song, “My Heart Will Go On” continues playing on his AirPod, Chris finally has his eureka moment! Her jacket and a script gave it away. The TikToker realises he was sitting next to the Oscar-winner actor, Kate Winslet all along. they were on a plane, flying from Cannes to London.

And he literally played the Titanic song right in front of her. She may have thought he was teasing her. Chris ends the TikTok video by apologising to Kate Winslet, if she misunderstood the situation.

Well, this was a hilarious flight encounter with a celebrity. Have you ever met a celebrity while flying?

Cover Image Courtesy: Chris Olsen/ TikTok and Wikimedia Commons