Man Attempts To Travel Abroad From Mumbai With A Fake Passport; Gets Arrested

Fake Passport
by Shreya Ghosh

Every passenger needs a passport to travel to any foreign destination. After presenting the passport and doing the needful, passengers can board the flight. What if someone attempts something illegal? Well, recently a man tried boarding a flight with a fake passport from Mumbai airport and his plans did not go accordingly. Here’s what happened when the man did not carry his original passport to fly abroad.

This Man Tried To Fly To Jeddah With A Fake Passport

Fake Passport

Picture credit- Canva

Identified as Mohmmed Yousuf Mohmmed Ibrahim, the man had plans to fly to Jeddah from the Mumbai International Airport on August 11, according to a report by the Free Press Journal. He showed his boarding pass and flight ticket along with the fake passport for the verification process at the immigration. Soon, the authorities identified the passport to be falsified and took necessary action against the 51-year-old man.

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Proper investigation took place to identify the person and the illegal things he attempted in the past. The investigation found some crucial facts about this man allegedly trying to take off to Jeddah from Mumbai back in August. Mohmmed Yousuf Mohmmed Ibrahim had 2 passports. He issued the fake passport caught in Mumbai International Airport in Bhopal in September itself.

He Was Arrested Later

Fake Passport

Picture credit- Canva

This is not the first scenario where this man has been accused of something. The Free Press Journal report stated how the ATS already issued a notice against this back in 2018 when he was returning to Mumbai from Saudi Arabia. The 2018 lookout notice was first issued in Saudi Arabia and the second was issued in 2022 in Mumbai. The similarities between the first two passports are his place of birth. He mentioned Maharashtra’s Nanded as his place of birth.

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His third passport had a different place of birth. It was mentioned as Parasi Wada in Gujarat. Immigration officers immediately registered a case against him under Sections 420, 465, 468, and 471 of the Indian Penal Code and the 12 of the Passport Act at Sahar police station. While attempting to fly to Jeddah from Mumbai, he was arrested. Also, he was later sent to jail.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva