Man Drinks World’s Strongest Coffee; Netizens Say, “Drinking Tar Is Less Dangerous Than This”

An Instagrammer prepared the "world's strongest coffee" by pouring boiling water directly into a jar filled with coffee powder.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Man Drinks World’s Strongest Coffee; Netizens Say, “Drinking Tar Is Less Dangerous Than This”

Feel like a zombie until you have your morning cuppa joe? Then, you’re not just a coffee lover but a caffeine addict. But would you ever dare to take a sip of the world’s strongest coffee? One Instagrammer took one for the team and the coffee-drinking community. He went on to not just prepare but even drink the world’s strongest coffee putting the Internet in total shock!

Man Makes World’s Strongest Coffee By Pouring Boiling Water Directly Into Coffee Powder Jar

Instagram page, @interesting_for_everyone_ shared a video of a man brewing the world’s strongest coffee. No! He didn’t need any fancy coffee machine or special dark roast for it. All he needed was a sealed jar filled with coffee powder and boiling water. In the clip shared, the man opens the sealed jar of coffee powder and directly pours boiling water into it. Once, more than half the jar is filled with water, he starts stirring it with a spoon.

He keeps stirring this and removes all the lumps formed. But despite stirring it for long, he wasn’t successful in removing all the lumps. The result? A dark brown, almost blackish, thick decoction. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly terrified”, the vlogger says right before he takes a sip of the world’s strongest coffee! At this point, even we’re worried for him. Once he tries the coffee, he doesn’t seem too pleased. His reaction? “Yep, okay well. I have no words”.

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Netizens Are Mortified By The Look & Supposed Taste Of It

world's strongest coffee

His caption itself warns people to not try this at home. Instagrammers were quite mortified by the look and even the idea of sipping the world’s strongest coffee. A Netizen commented that either this man will never sleep or he will sleep for the rest of his life. Many wondered if he was still alive. Another Instagrammer sarcastically said that drinking tar was probably less dangerous than having this coffee. “Heart and kidneys have left the chat”, sarcastically stated another person.

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Coffee lovers, while we all love strong coffee, the “world’s strongest coffee” is not advisable for your health. So, wake up and smell the coffee!

Cover Image Courtesy: @interesting_for_everyone_/ Instagram

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