Man Finds Lizard On His Chicken Salad At A Popular Delhi Eatery And Netizens Are Irked

by Vinita Jain 454

Every Delhiite must be aware of the popular café Diggin Café. Apparently, it is one of the popular restaurants for Italian cuisines in Delhi. It serves delicious food but what about the hygiene standards?  A recent shocking incident happened at Diggin Cage in Chanakyapuri. The eatery is in danger after a customer found a dead lizard in his chicken salad.

Dining Out Nightmares

A couple of friends went together for lunch at the Diggin Café. They ordered 3 dishes and spotted a dead lizard in the Chicken Salad. Asmi Sehgal on her Instagram shared a video of the lizard they found in their Chicken Salad. A man can be heard questioning the hygiene standard of Diggin Café. He also mentioned that the staff didn’t pay much attention to this. They apologized but didn’t bother to replace the dish or compensate in any other way possible.

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How People Reacted To This?

This video has been watched 82.2k times since it was uploaded to Instagram and has over 1,000 likes and comments. Many people meet the food standards of cafes. People on the internet were very disappointed with this. Some of them claimed to never visit this café again in the comments section. Not only this, one Instagram user commented that he once went to Diggin Café and spotted brick pieces in his Pizza. Check out some more reactions below:

“File a complaint against the café. Lizards contain a lot of poison. If by any chance, someone consumes it, it can cost them their whole life. Shame on the kitchen staff who could not keep up with the hygiene and safety measures.”

“Need to make an example out of such trash places. Hygiene standards are non-existent in India”.

In fact, this is not something very new, recently a lizard was spotted in Chole Bhature at Chandigarh. This increases the urge of maintaining hygiene at all kinds of eateries.

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