Lizard Found In Food In Popular Chandigarh Mall; Health Department Inspects

by Sanjana Shenoy
Lizard Found In Food In Popular Chandigarh Mall; Health Department Inspects

Lizards seem to be uninvited yet recurring guests in food these days. A man from Tamil Nadu found a dead lizard in his sealed packet of pakoras. Earlier, a lizard was spotted floating in a bowl of sambhar at Sarvana Bhavan in Delhi. And yet again a lizard made a comeback in a cold drink in a famous American fast-food joint outlet in India. Recently, a dead lizard made its way into a plate of Chole Bhature in a restaurant from Chandigarh’s famous Nexus Elante Mall. Read on to know more.

Lizard Found In Chole Bhature Served At Chandigarh’s Nexus Elante Mall

After discovering a lizard in a plate of Chole Bhature from Sagar Ratna outlet in Nexus Elante Mall, Chandigarh, the UT health department collected samples of the same. According to a Hindustan Times report, a doctor found a lizard in his food at the popular mall’s food court around 10 pm. He alerted the police and health department. But didn’t submit a complaint. Immediately after receiving the call, a team of food and safety officials headed to the Sagar Ratna outlet and collected samples.

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The samples were sent to a foo testing lab where reports will arrive in the next 15 days. And action will be taken accordingly. A spokesperson from Nexus Elante Mall revealed to The Hindustan Times that the hygiene and safety of customers are of utmost concern. And they will take necessary steps to ensure food safety in the food court of the mall.