Man In A Jetpack Seen Soaring 900 Meters Above Los Angeles airport

by Yogita Chainani
Man In A Jetpack Seen Soaring 900 Meters Above Los Angeles airport

People like to be adventurous for their fun, but at times, that adventure doesn’t go down well with others. Speaking of escapades, on Sunday evening, at around 6: 30 PM, two pilots flying an American Airlines Flight from Philadelphia reported an unexpected sighting to the air traffic control while they were approaching Los Angeles.

Pic Credit: LA Times

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Pilots Spot An LA Man In A Jetpack 

“Tower, American 1997—we just passed a guy in a jetpack,” the pilot said. When the pilots spotted the man, the plane’s altitude was about 3,000 feet, and the man was spotted about 300 yards to the plane’s left. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has reportedly launched an inquiry into the incident.

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Listeners on, a streaming network for aircraft communication, hear the controller telling a JetBlue flight to be aware of a possible jetpack nearby, before calling in the incident.

Pic Credit: The National

“Person on a jetpack reported, 300 yards out of the LA final at about 3,000 feet,” he states. Then he adds: “Only in LA.”

The LA Jetpacker Spotted By the Pilots Was Pushing Their Limits

Jetpacks, which were introduced a few years ago, have now come along way in terms of their speed and technology. They can now fly much higher and faster than the initial models. Around 900 metres is at the higher range for many jetpacks, so the LA thrillseeker spotted by the two pilots was pushing their limits. However, when it comes to Jetpacks, they are quite popular in Dubai as well.

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Earlier this year, a Dubai pilot reached double that height. Jetman of Dubai flew over JBR for three minutes on a jetpack flight that attained an altitude of 1,800 metres as part of an Expo2020 stunt. When it comes to flying a jetpack, many jetpacks require operators to have a pilots license. And when it comes to the United States of America, the jetpacks must have a registration done with the Federal Aviation Administration. Speaking about the LA person, both the FBI and the Federal Aviation Administration are currently investigating the pilots’ reports.