Man Pays Shopkeepers With Toffees Instead Of Money; Netizens Say, “Finally Bro Fulfilled Our Wish”

A Mumbai content creator tried use toffees as a mode of payment at grocery stores. Here's what happened later.

by Shreya Ghosh
Man Pays Shopkeepers With Toffees Instead Of Money; Netizens Say, “Finally Bro Fulfilled Our Wish”

It is NOT AT ALL unusual in India to get toffees and chocolates as change from shopkeepers in exchange for a few rupees. We have faced similar instances when shopkeepers gave us 2 to 3 confections instead of returning the change. Most people do not like vendors giving toffees instead of money and often wish they could take revenge against them. A content creator recently used toffees to make payments and it was absolutely hilarious.

Creator Tries To Buy Things With Toffees; Shopkeepers Share Epic Reactions


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Aryan Kataria is known for his unique and humorous content. From asking random questions to strangers on the streets to taking up interesting challenges, we enjoy watching his fun-filled videos. This time, he took his funny ideas to another level and attempted to pay grocery vendors using only toffees. Perfect UNO reverse, right? In his latest reel, he shared his experiences of trying to purchase things using sweet treats without paying actual money. Did the shopkeepers agree to this one-of-a-kind toffee payment method? Let’s find it out.

Aryan visited several shops, took a packet of chips or any other snack, and started counting toffees and candies to pay the vendor. When all the shopkeepers stared at him in utter surprise, he revealed that they gave him toffees instead of change. This is why he decided to buy food packets using toffees, just like them.

Some uncles reacted with a big-fat NO to this proposal of paying using candies and toffees. In fact, an elder man got angry as well. However, there was a vendor that accepted Aryan paying for a packet of chips using these confections. He gave 10 toffees in return for a Lays packet. Looks like the content creator was a bit surprised seeing the shopkeeper agreeing to this. Aryan asked him several times if he could truly take the packet without paying money.

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Netizens Love This Idea!

Shopkeepers With Toffees
Picture credit- Instagram/ Aryan Kataria (@katariaaryann)

Many of us have dreamt of the day when we would bravely step inside a shop and give toffees and chocolates in return for grocery products. While we failed to gather the courage to do so, Aryan did it conveniently and fulfilled our childhood wish. Instagrammers are satisfied seeing the video and sharing comments such as “Finally Bro fulfilled our wish” and “Bro took revenge from shopkeeper on behalf of all of us at once”.

Netizens were also impressed by the vendor who accepted toffees in exchange for a packet of Lays. A comment read, “The uncle who took toffees in return is the game changer. He understood the assignment.”

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Would you like to try this trick of paying with toffees?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Aryan Kataria (@katariaaryann)

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