Man Runs Away From Posh Bangalore Resort After Staying For Months Without Paying ₹3.2 Lakh Bill

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy448

In a bizarre incident, a man fleed from a posh Bangalore resort without paying a bill amounting to ₹3.2 lakhs. The guest, K Rajesh hailing from Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh stayed at a posh resort in Devanahalli, Bangalore since July this year. While the businessman paid a cheque of nearly ₹8 lakhs to clear his previous dues, he continued to stay at the resort and live king size. Until he vanished into thin air, leaving the resort, shocked beyond disbelief. Read on to know what happened. 

The Guest Was A Regular At The Bangalore Resort

While K Rajesh has been staying at the luxurious Bangalore resort in Devanahalli for the past 4 months, he allegedly left the resort in the second week of November without informing the staff. With his 41-day unpaid bill amounting to ₹3.2 lakhs, the businessman absconded in his car. The manager of the resort, Yeshwant, revealed to The Times Of India that Rakesh introduced himself as a realtor who runs several businesses. He stated that Rajesh is a regular at the resort situated near Kempegowda International Airport. While in mid-2020 he stayed in a single room for 3-4 days, sometimes he stayed for a couple of months. But every single time, Rajesh promptly paid the bills for both room and food. 

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man runs from bangalore resort

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He Drove Away In His Car Without Paying The Bill Worth ₹3.2 Lakhs

As an old customer of the resort, he has always been prompt with all his payments. So, the resort allowed him to continue to stay for months without asking him to pay an advance. While he cleared his bill on September 30, he continued to stay in the resort for the next two months. But on November 11, the realtor drove away in his car without informing anyone in the resort. According to TOI, the resort management filed a complaint with the police. On further investigation, they realised that Rajesh had cheated more people before he left the resort.

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